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The Bengals Defense is the Future of NFL Defense

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January 26, 2023 at 10:06am

Perhaps even Knowles could learn a thing or two from it. Ftr I'm not saying abandon the pass rush but this mentality that a pass rush is needed to make the secondarys job easier needs to stop. Everybody has a job to do don't worry about what makes it "easier"

Nobody on the Bengals defense was invited to the pro bowl, but they do have one of the best/highest paid nose tackles in the game. Their D ends are great but not all world. Sam Hubbard is not one of the first three buckeye defensive ends any average buckeye is gonna be able to list. Eli apple is actually putting up a really good season in the secondary. They constantly seem to be getting turnovers, especially in the clutch. At some point are you "lucky" enough that we call you good?

They were coming into the buffalo game ranking 29th in sacks. Yes u read that right. Almost dead last and I'm praising this defense. It's because they dont want to go after the QB, with roughing the passer trending the way it is, they'd rather make them take the low % shots. This also seems to frustrate the players on opposing offenses. Last year in the AFCCG vs the Chiefs hill and Hardman we're arguing on the sidelines in a way similar to Stephon Diggs being noticeably frustrated with Josh Allen.

It is important to note that this defense is not geared for stopping long, sustained drives. It is highly momentum-based. If the offense stalls early and a team is patient working it's way downfield, they can easily turn it on its head and start getting the big plays. Browns did this and thus far have been the only team to kick the Bengals' ass all season.

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