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Antonio Williams gets some hate tweets from Wisky fans after his decommit.

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October 14, 2015 at 6:03pm

I was interested in what Wisconsin fans said to Antonio after he de committed. Our fan base has a minority of people just like these Wisconsin fans, as evidenced by Cardale's Twitter feed after the Indiana game. The moral of the story is never tweet a recruit or player especially if it is hateful.  Antonio did get a few supportive tweets.

"Whatever you decide, I'll still cheer for you, just not against Wisconsin. Good Luck dude."

"Leave the kid alone, if he didn't commit to Chryst he is fine."

Here is the Twitter link:


Here are some of the more hateful ones:

"Seriously, cold move."

"Check from Columbus clear?"

"Urban Meyer probably offered some cash on the side."

"Can I have all your Wisconsin gear?"

"How much money is OSU sending your way bro?"


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