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Friday Night Fights: Notre Dame

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September 22, 2023 at 4:09pm

Welcome back to Friday Night Fights.

This is your chance to prove to yourself, or to others, that you are an expert in predicting Ohio State's football success. FNF keeps the receipts and shows everyone how good your takes were – if you are feeling particularly bold, get in the comments and defend your take.

When we last fought... Ohio State's offense exploded against the Hilltoppers of Western Kentucky and their defense outscored the opposing offense. Congratulations to BigE_TheBuckeye for my FNF Take of the Week:

(Honorable mention: TheNomadicBuckeye gave an accurate prediction about the South Carolina/Georgia game, but I didn't want to frame two non-Ohio State-related takes in a row. Sorry!)

Here's how FNF works:

  • Vote in the Strawpolls for each question.
  • Comment below with how you think the game will go. Be bold, funny, correct, or a mixture of the three. (And you don't need to put your Strawpoll votes in your comment! Just give a take.)
  • Check in on Fridays to see if your take gets framed. Then we'll rinse and repeat next Friday.

Here's how you voted last week:

Question 1: How will Kyle McCord do through the air?

318 yards. He could've gone for 500 if the game was at all close.

Question 2: How many yards will Ohio State rush for?

In retrospect, 200-250 probably should have had a better expression than "Alright..." Ohio State had a great day on the ground.

Question 3: How many times will Ohio State's offense turn the ball over?

The guys on Buckeye Talk were talking about how Ryan Day likes quarterbacks who learn from their mistakes and don't make the same mistake twice. Well, I certainly hope Kyle learned a valuable lesson from that strip-sack.

Question 4: How many passing touchdowns will Austin Reed have?

And it needed a missed blatant double holding penalty to even happen. (I chose this as the defensive question rather than sacks since WKU is actually pretty good at limiting sacks by getting the ball out, and I feel like hurries would be a much better assessor of the D-line against WKU than sacks.)

Question 5: How many ranked teams will lose in Week 3?

Struggle wins were the order of the day last week. The ranked team would always start slow, but end up doing just enough to beat the unranked team. You could tell me it was scripted to make a dull game slate just a little more exciting, and I'd probably believe you.

With that out of the way, here are this week's questions:

Question 1: Ohio State's last three quarterbacks averaged 332 passing yards per game in their first game against top-15 opponents. Kyle....?

(Vote: https://strawpoll.com/jVyG8lEl1n7)

  • He'll miss the mark by more than 50 (<282)
  • He'll miss the mark by less than 50 (282-332)
  • He'll make the mark by less than 50 (332-382)
  • He'll make the mark by more than 50 (>382)

Sidenote: Literally 3 hours before I was set to post this, they asked pretty much the same question in Prognosticating. I'm keeping it in, because I'm lazy.

Question 2: In eight chances, TreVeyon Henderson has only rushed for 100 yards once against a ranked opponent. Can he buck the trend?

(Vote: https://strawpoll.com/61gDm7V7vZw)

  • Hell no. 0-50 yards.
  • Not quite. 50-100 yards.
  • Yes, he can. 100-150 yards.
  • HELL YEAH. 150 or more yards.

Question 3: Which defensive end will record a sack first?

(Vote: https://strawpoll.com/7rnzmqGvlyO)

  • J.T. Tuimoloau
  • Jack Sawyer
  • Caden Curry
  • Kenyatta Jackson
  • Another defensive end
  • The defensive ends won't record any sacks

Question 4: Ohio State's offensive player of the game will come from what position room?

(Vote: https://strawpoll.com/40ZmqNdkKZa)

  • Quarterback
  • Running back/fullback
  • Wide receiver
  • Tight end
  • Offensive tackle
  • Interior O-line

Question 5: Ohio State's defensive player of the game will come from what position room?

(Vote: https://strawpoll.com/1MnwONvz0n7)

  • Defensive end
  • Defensive tackle
  • Linebacker
  • Cornerback
  • Safety
  • Sonny Styles

(Questions 4 and 5 are moot if Ohio State loses, since I don't believe they name players of the game for losses.)

Question 6: Ohio State. Notre Dame. Under the lights. How does this one end?

(Vote: https://strawpoll.com/GeZAOpN4JnV)

  • Bucks aren't scared and put together a complete game. Bucks, big.
  • Bucks are ready for a battle and come out on top. Bucks, small.
  • The more experienced team pulls it out at home. Irish, small.
  • Bucks wilt under the lights and get stomped. Irish, big.

Happy fighting!

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