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When Did You Turn the Corner?

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December 6, 2022 at 4:47pm

A question for all the die-hard Buckeye football fans out there: when did losses stop hurting so badly?

For context: I wasn't exactly born a Buckeye fan, though I loved football from an early age. I was probably a Browns fan before I really started following Buckeye football, but some family friends indoctrinated me into the religion when I was probably 7 or 8 years old, and I've never looked back.

The intensity of my passion has gone up and down in the decades since - just as the Buckeyes have had their highs and lows - but pretty much since the beginning of Urban's tenure I have watched almost every moment of almost every game... I have to admit that I got married on a game day (Maryland, we crushed them) - but she took me to The Game the year prior (thank God for JT Barrett and Curtis Samuel - and Malik Hooker!), so was it worth it? Yes.

The more closely and religiously I follow the Buckeyes, the more it seems to affect me - I'm usually flying pretty high this time of year, and consuming unhealthy amounts of news about the team through everyone's favorite website, all the different podcasts, etc. But with that seems to come an inability to cope rationally (and emotionally) with losses - especially the one that we as Buckeye Nation just experienced. The fact that we couldn't beat that team, in a battle of undefeateds and with everything on the line - and in the 100th anniversary year of the Shoe... I'm certainly not over it yet, and I'm in no mental state to start getting ramped up for the next game at this point.

So, for those who have been in my shoes before and have "turned the corner" or "gotten over the hump" or whatever... how do you gain perspective and stop letting this stuff eat away at you?

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