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Where Did the Running Back Passing Game Go in 2022? A Chart:

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November 30, 2022 at 6:34pm


Watching the games this year, the RB pass game felt noticeably absent from the game plans. The stats proved me right. What do we think? Did this have an impact on Day's playcalling feeling "stale" or "predictable"? Consequence of involving the TE pass game more? If so, was it worth it to involve the TE more, with taking the ball out of RB's as a consequence?

RB Receiving Stats
  Receptions Yards TD
2019 28 314 3
2020 (8 games) 18 141 0
2021 38 400 4
2022 13 78 1

I included stats from the top 3 running backs in terms of rushes that year. 

2019: Dobbins, Teague, Crowley

2020: Sermon, Teague, Williams

2021: Henderson, Williams, Teague

2022: Williams, Henderson, Hayden



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