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The Athletic | Ohio State Should Give Mike Vrabel the World, Resume Dominance and Never Look Back

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November 30, 2022 at 4:11pm



I don't necessarily agree that Vrabel would be interested in OSU. I do concur that Day will probably not live his whole career coaching football in Columbus, Ohio. I also think that Day would probably want to, eventually, take a swing at the NFL as a HC.

The fact that this article was even written makes me think this is the sort of thing that would never happen. Op-Ed's typically don't portend future events in sports, they are fanciful distractions from day-to-day news.

That's how I'm choosing to think of this.

Mod Edit - Removed the pasted copy from the article (paywalled). Even if not a full cut and paste, probably best not to lift the majority of the piece word for word. Closing for future reference - please summarize referenced content. 

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