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Gareon Conley Cleared by Jury in Civil Court

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November 24, 2022 at 5:13pm

Glad to see at least minimal justice served in this case. This man was robbed of millions and it's a shame he won't ever get the money he deserves.


An Ohio jury ruled in favor of NFL free agent Gareon Conley on Thursday in the yearslong civil case regarding allegations of sexual assault levied against him ahead of the 2017 NFL draft. 

Conley had been sued for civil assault and battery in Cuyahoga County, and filed a countersuit against his accuser, Brooke Puscian, for malicious prosecution. According to court records filed online late Monday, the jury ruled in Conley's favor in both matters and awarded him $300 in damages, which is all he requested, in a case that he said was more about vindication than money.

"While the allegations against me cost me millions of dollars, my counterclaim was never about recovering money from my accuser. It was about clearing my name and restoring my reputation." 

"I am grateful and relieved to finally be fully exonerated," Conley said in his statement. "To the eight jurors who spent weeks carefully considering all of the evidence, thank you for your service and respect for the justice system." 

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