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So, How Far is Michigan Going to Go This Year?

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November 28, 2021 at 10:16pm

I know it's a sore subject and I am sure many will DV just for bringing it up but how far is Michigan going to go this year? OSU did not play their best game but Michigan did really impress me and there was nothing fluky about what they did. Their OL mauled a solid DL and Hasan Haskins is just an incredible back. Not much to be said about their defense, the front 7 is incredible and the secondary is good enough to not be exposed. Here is what the expected path is:

  • Next week they have Iowa in the B1G championship where they are 10 point favorites, that would mean the odds of them winning outright are pretty damn high. 
  • First round of the playoffs is likely to be against Cincy assuming both win their conference championship games. They would be again a pretty heavy favorite. UC may struggle moving the ball against that defense and once again Michigan would be in a position to play bully ball on offense.
  • Championship would be against Georgia where they would be looking in the mirror stylistically but UGA would certainly have the talent advantage. The only hope would be UGA's offense not being ready for a legit defense they struggle to move the ball on and some crazy stuff happening in a low score game tilting it in their favor. 

I don't see how they don't atleast make it to the championship if that same performance can hold over the next 2 games. Iowa and Cincinnati just don't have the tools required to beat them. They would also be getting pretty lucky in playing UC in the first round of a playoff instead of a Clemson or SEC team. 
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