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Final Thoughts on the Oregon Game

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September 16, 2021 at 11:31am

We got beat.  We got beat by a team that is good enough to beat ANYONE including Bama …..on the right day.   They had coaching, players, scheme and a whole lot of effort.  We just need to acknowledge all that.  They did NOT embarrass us !  If you are embarrassed that’s your problem. Our rushing D looks very bad relative to what we should expect and are used to but it was against two really good rushing offenses.  Take away the big 4th down run by Ibrahim (can be blamed on pretty much one player failing at their job) and the big run by Verdell ( their guard absolutely mugged our 1 tech tackle and it was missed) and NO ONE is calling for Coombs’ head.  Our rushing D numbers would be satisfactory and we would likely be 2-0.  Two plays, in a season where we have already defended about 150+ plays are the source of all angst.

Sure, the reasons for that failure on 4th down can be laid partially at coaches feet and even though they got away with a hold our LB vacated his 2nd level backup role, a mistake which can be due to coaching as well. 
I’m not saying we have nothing to question our coaches about but some of the crap I’m reading is totally over the top.  Nothing has been taken off the table for this year, except for an undefeated season.  Would Bama beat us this week ?   Probably, but we won’t play them for 3+ months if at all    I’ve seen great Bama teams lose shootouts to Hugh Freeze coached teams at least twice and I saw a UGA team give up 350yds on the ground to Bama and lose in SECCG when they couldn’t get off  one more play from inside Bamas 5 yd line.  So, this wonderful,weird, exciting , aggravating game has many iterations left and I’m not remotely thinking our season is close to over

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