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Oregon Offensive Lineman Discussing the Ohio State Game

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September 15, 2021 at 8:07am

Gist of what Oregon's OL said in interview:

-Oregon knew exactly what Ohio State was going to do.

-Joe Moorhead dialed up perfect play calls into our defense.

-Oregon’s scout team gave them tougher looks in practice than OSU did during the game.

The last bullet point is the most damning. He wasn’t even an arrogant or braggadocious kid. He just matter of factly stated that the defense the Ducks face everyday in practice was tougher than what they saw on Saturday. This is embarrassing.

Just sad. This is the type of thing Ohio State usually says regarding itself vs inferior opponents: “practice is tougher than the game”, “iron sharpening iron.” etc, etc.

Long story short, Oregon out-prepared us, out-coached us, out-played us. The Ducks weren’t confused by anything we threw at them (this is becoming a recurring theme). And basically Joe Moorhead toyed with us all day like a big kid stealing a little kid’s Halloween candy.


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