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The Defensive Line Concern

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December 14, 2019 at 11:54am

This is the one true concern about the match-up with Clemson.

Michigan decided to double and triple team Chase every play, and make other pass rushers beat them.  This was clearly a very big success for them, especially in the first half.  Say what you want about the second half, and Patterson's completion percentage but he had guys running wide open for the most part and they were dropping the ball or misfired because Shea sucks.  That will not be the case with Clemson.


Wisconsin followed the same blueprint in the B1G Championship Game, and it generated some of the same success even though they are a run heavy offense.


My point is, we only had four sacks as a team (I believe) in those two games combined and not too many qb pressures in addition to those.  That is with Chase Young being double and triple teamed the entire game.  That means there are 1 on 1 match-ups being consistently lost along the other three linemen (and a lack of blitzing from the LB position).  Hopefully we can get some better production out of the DT's in the pass rush, and continued development of Zach Harrison over the next two weeks will pay off big when it matters most.

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