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Playing Devil's Advocate: How Would You Defend Our Offense This Year?

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October 4, 2018 at 8:38pm

We had the love/hate relationship with a running QB offense since Urban has roamed the sidelines. Tjis year the offense has looked refreshing with a pure passer and two horses in the backfield toting the rock.

That said, there were some obvious struggles against Penn St that defensive coordinators will take notice of... playing devil's advocate, how would you defend this offense if you were facing Ohio St? Would you try to constantly pressure as we saw the Nitty Kitties throw the kitchen sink at us? Would you try to load the box to force us to be one dimensional passing? Would you try to encourage the running game in hopes that you could contain with a "bend but don't break" defense?

If you're the good guys, how do you then adjust to your said diabolical scheme?

*This is my first forum post, and if I doubled anybody up, please extend a one time pardon from 11w jail and accept my apology.

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