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Comment 14 Aug 2019
The presnap penalties from the offense, such as multiple false starts *at home*, have to stop. The stupid penalties like those shown in the two GIFs are also killers. Shore those up and maybe we get down to 6/game. I checked this website which shows we averaged 5.6/game when we just so happend to win the title and we were at 5.4 in 2013. https://www.teamrankings.com/college-football/stat/penalties-per-game?date=2015-01-12
Comment 13 Aug 2019
If our line improves and Fields is a legitimate threat in the run game, I don't see how we're not a successful rushing team no matter who the #2 back is. As long as they are at least serviceable and Dobbins stays healthy we should be fine. All comes down to offensive line. UFM always said they were an "offensive line driven pogram" and I don't see that changing now.
Comment 30 Jul 2019
We know that every team gives the Buckeyes their best shot. Outside of Va Tech, every Urban Meyer loss has came away from home. Oklahoma is an exception because they were a CFP team in 2017. Following that model, Cinci would have to have a Va Tech type game where we are just unprepared for them completely from a gameplan perspective. They have the defense to do it and Fields will be on only his second game just as JT was that year. I'm not sure what version of a "bear defense" could do that to Day but that is the recipe for Fickel & Co to beat OSU. The two games that follow the model are Nebraska and Northwestern. Two away games against teams who'll have chips on their shoulders looking for program defining type wins. Frost wants that statement win early and Fitz lost that chance in the B1G championship last year. Wisconsin, Mich St, and Penn St all present similar challenges and all are at home. Definitely could suffer a loss here, but not because they snuck up on us. TTUN at the crap house. Enough said there.
Comment 24 Jul 2019
The more #content Harbaugh and TTUN give, the better. Let Day & Co fly under the radar and coach our guys up to be ready for the Owls week 1.
Comment 17 Jul 2019
The fact that our football team has a handful of guys who may be facing a decision like this every year is a good thing. This means we are recruiting and developing productive players. A large part of the message Urban & Co gave recruits was that they would prepare them for the next walk of life meaning the NFL and via "real life Wednesdays." Part of the pitch is to put these guys in the best possible position to succeed at the next level. I am guessing that message hasn't changed much with Day at the helm. Of course we would love to see all our guys out there, but the risk for guys like Denzel Ward outweighs the reward for winning the Cottonbowl in a non playoff year. Can't blame them for thinking of their big picture.
Comment 22 May 2019
As much as the judgement calls such as holding and PI hurt, the penalties before the snap are killers. The false starts in particular are just frustrating. Prince definitely got better every year in protection, but won't be missing the "prior to the snap... #59 on the offense" dialogue on my tv.
Comment 21 May 2019
Correct. But when is Green at his best? It's in the "death lineup" where he plays the small ball 5. Which is what Wesson would have to be. He's not big enough to be a true 5. Same with Sullinger. Which is why I thought his best comp was a Big Baby Davis who was effective for those Doc Rivers teams in Boston and LA. Green was playing at 255this year until he lost weight for the playoffs. Wesson would be 255-260 if he lost 20 lbs. Again, in my original post I said he is not as athletic as Green or as skilled. But that is one of the players he should be looking at to try to develop into an NBA player.
Comment 20 May 2019
I'm just giving a comparison to height and body type. Wesson would need to lose 20 lbs. to be in 255-260 range. And Big Baby is a petty good comparison actually. Small ball 5 or bigger lineup if he plays the 4. Comparison to Green is based on the ideal type of basketball Kaleb would have to play to be effective. Green is more athletic and versatile but given Kaleb's height, he will have to get in better shape to compete in the NBA. And he is actually a pretty skilled passer. Green didn't get the hype out of college and developed as he has been in the NBA. Wesson is not Green right now. But would have to develop that type of play to be effective. That is the best case scenario.
Comment 20 May 2019
Pretty sure Boston drafted Sullinger, so they could give him pretty good feedback on what to work on. He still seems a little soft, and could use a little more quickness. Not sure what his role would be on a NBA team, but he has the body type of a Draymond Green or Glen "Big Baby" Davis. Not as skilled as Green right now but could play like a Davis who was valuable to the Doc Rivers teams as a role guy.
Comment 22 Apr 2019
The roster is starting to take shape where they can discuss matchups like you mentioned. The depth appears to be there if guys like Washington, Ahrens, and Mohammed further develop. Considering Kaleb Wesson stays we can really start to better matchup with the different styles of the B1G. Penn St was such a bad matchup for us in 2017 because we didn't have a backcourt to compete with them. This year the frontcourt was so thin in the post. Really excited to see if this team can gel because they could easily make a run next year.
Comment 17 Apr 2019
Haskins wasn't the vocal leader of JT, but he walked the walk from all accounts. Day has said numerous times he was a hard worker and a student of the game. The Maryland game is 100% a loss if not for Haskins toughness. The team really got behind him, and it could be a similar story this year with either QB.