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Comment 14 Oct 2019
Love these film studies. What is encouraging is that as well as this offense has played, there are still plays left on the table that appear to be very makeable by Fields as he continues to develop and feel more comfortable. With the back half of our schedule including 3 ranked teams plus postseason play, the bye weeks t review and work film as son here are very timely.
Comment 03 Oct 2019
34-10 good guys. Sparty gets ball to start the game and halftime score is 17-3. OSU ends the 3rd Q 31-3 and 4th Q is backup time. Would love to be wrong and see more points otherwise. Just giving Dantonio credit because he consistently prepares for OSU as well as any coach we face.
Comment 01 Oct 2019
This is great! Love the chart. A couple of tendencies if any through 4 games (excluding M(OH)). 1. Limited attempts middle of the field. Already touched on. 2. Vast majority of throws to the right side (arm side) of the field. Except... 3. Plays behind the line seem designed for the left side. Maybe the coaches like Munford and Jackson's ability to get out in front in RB and WR screen situations more than right side of line? Will definitely pay attention to these 3 things going forward against stiffer competition.
Comment 25 Sep 2019
We will see more mixed coverages from the D this week. We probably see more of White and Browning due to the speed on the field. On the rod, it is all that more important to start fast. Take the fans out of it and the optimism of the Nebraska players go also. Limiting the big plays will make Nebraska work on drives, and as mentioned they are mistake prone. The more they work, the more likely they are to commit a turnover or drive killing penalty.
Comment 23 Sep 2019
I think a lot of this early on with the corners came in the way Miami was scheming us. We stayed in our base defense for basically the whole first two drives. The base defense appears to be Cover 3 where the outside corners bail to cover deep and LB cover the flats in passing situations. Those outside option type plays caught the corners bailing then being blocked a bit downfield. Once we adjusted and sprinkled in press man, the outside running lanes were taken away. We will see more coverages from th defense as the competition picks up. Will be interested to see the adjustments made this weekend as Nebraska has speed to get outside.
Comment 18 Sep 2019
As the article states, Fields holds onto the ball because he can. Comfortable leads means he doesn't have to force anything. Will be interesting to see as games get tighter if Fields will be completing passes by anticipating and getting the ball out earlier. If he does everyone will say how great he is at "throwing people open," which could be true. Otherwise if we see him continue some inaccuracies or throw some picks we could say he is rushing, panicking, and not allowing his receivers to get to the apex of their routes. Excited to see this team perform as the games carry higher stakes.
Comment 16 Sep 2019
For everyone freaking out about a night game... your fears are valid but the only way to get the monkey off our back is to win a game on the road at night. Northwestern will be the same. There will be talk about Iowa and Purdue and what happened to us in those games. The best thing that can happen is that OSU plays at night with good national exposure and makes a statement.
Comment 16 Sep 2019
Will be at the game. Nebraska night games are a great atmosphere when they (think) they are good. Wishing Nebraska was undefeated heading in as that would have created huge buzz and most likely a Gameday game. Still could be. Nebraska plays IL this week so could creep back into the polls by the time we play.
Comment 15 Sep 2019
Typically these kick times are announced on Monday of the game before if I'm not mistaken. Had Nebraska not lost to Colorado, ABC would have most certainly swooped up this game with an eye towards College Gameday traveling to Lincoln. The only reason why this may not be a night game, is Nebraska has a night game upcoming against IL and that's back to back home night games for them since they just played Northern IL at home, at night, also. However, Wash St @ Utah is the only ranked vs ranked game on the slate at this point. So if that game is a 10-10:30pm EST kick this is probably the 7:30 EST game on ABC. Otherwise if Gameday is there and makes it the ABC normal slot night game, I think OSU plays at 3:30 EST.
Comment 11 Sep 2019
This schedule is about to get very daunting very fast. Indiana, Northwestern, and Nebraska plus 5 ranked teams... Could very easily end the season with 6-7 ranked B1G teams. Plus Cincinnati could be ranked when it's all said and done. Really want to see how TTUN fairs against Wisky. Tha has the sneaky potential to be a beat down.
Comment 07 Sep 2019
That waste the year TTUN went to he Sugsr bowl and "shoelace" Robinson set the world on fire. Had we beaten them it would have kept them from the BCS and put the icing on the cake for an interim season where we lost a bunch of guys in the transition and beat Wisconsin as heavy underdogs. Fick is a legend for what he did as player and assistant coach, but that would have been a heckuva finish to that mired season.
Comment 04 Sep 2019
Gotta love Ramzy's perspective. "We suck at stuff sometimes, but win anyway, because we fans are spoiled so stop complaining!" Here's to continuing to improve the running game and not committing penalties.
Comment 03 Sep 2019
Sounds like we'll see more Teague as the season goes on. He ran hard when he was in there. I also was impressed with DMC on special teams and would like to see him used in matchup situations more on offense. Hopefully JK can get back to his 2017 ways real soon. We need a good season from him if we are going to compete for a title.