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QB Rotation - Urban and Saban...

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September 13, 2017 at 1:59pm

I replied to Ramzy's excellent column today on JT.. I wanted to pose the question to the rest of the community:

just she and I are watching as mom and the younger one have retired.. and after another ineffective pass play she asks me "Dada - why does JT take so long to make decisions". - JT will go down as my of my all time favorite Buckeyes and UM3 also one of my all time favorites- all I am asking is to have a mix like UM3 himself did at Florida when they crushed us in 2006/7 - he had a senior CJ Leak and a frosh named Tebow which he rode to the title and ironically the signing of Cam Newton that February.  

To me the sensible solution is that JT start every game and have a pre established first half rotation and go with the hot hand in the second half and if the situation calls for ball control - ride JT home...

Nick Saban is doing this right now with Jalen Hurts... as it was PLANNED to get the 5 star TRUE freshman into the game in the second quarter.  It is a bit curious that UM3 would refuse to explore this concept since he has done it himself and won a NC.. and Nick Saban is doing this with arguably a more stable QB in Hurts right now.. 

JT has an opportunity to be a real leader in this complicated situation- thoughts?

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