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Another Reason Why I Won't Root For Out Conference Foes

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January 12, 2015 at 6:04pm


And I rooted for MSU, Wiscy, and PSU to win their bowl games...like a lot of you. I was happy Wisconsin beat Auburn because it correlated to extra confidence for our team. But I felt dirty rooting for PSU. I've also tried pulling for scUM in bowl games, but then immediately had to take a shower. The guilt isn't worth the "conference feel good unity".

So, when it comes down to it --- F em. F em all. F Sparty, F TTUN, and especially F the delusionals over in State College. The theory that we need the rest of the B1G to be strong is overblown, especially when you're a winner. Just wax them, then take care of the non-conference foes.

OSU against the world. Love it that way.

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