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2014 Official Predictions

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August 24, 2014 at 10:23pm

Well fellas, a lot has happened this off-season. And even more has happened, you might say, just in this last week. But guys...we play our first game on Saturday!! Buckeye football is just around the corner....were on the 1 and can smell the goal line. No Miller this year, we know that. What we don't know (for sure), is what kind of success JT Barrett will have leading the Scarlet and Gray this year. So, let's hear it! Your official predictions for this season. Record, conference placement, bowl game, individual awards....anything. 

Personally, I think we are gonna take it. Win em all. Of course there may be some growing pains with a new QB, but we still have a VERY solid team, and we all know what Urb is capable of. Just look what he did with Tebow. Made the guy look like a friggin genius. 

So, sure it could be a little rough early going, but our schedule isn't something that we can't manage. By Big Ten time, JT is gonna be a seasoned distributor. I think we run the table, win the B10 title game in Indy, beat whichever SEC scrub we have to play in the playoff, and win the Natty in Dallas. 

Cant wait to welcome the new National Championship banner to the Shoe. 

What've ya got fellas? 

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