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Need Help about Ticket Questions

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July 13, 2014 at 4:07pm

If Im asking this in the wrong spot I apologize.  Im going to my First ever game this year and it just happens to be 11/29 for THE GAME.  I really cant figure out if section 27D  row 11 are ok seats or not.  I was about to purchase 3 tickets but I cant tell if my view will be obstructed. It looks like its under the press box but if someone can help me with their knowledge I would be very thankful  The Tickets would be 3 for 900 is about best I can find.  

I plan on being loud and crazy but I just want a good view without spending over $500 a ticket.

We booked the hotel already at the Varsity Inn, But just really need help on Tickets.

Thank You for any help at all,


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