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February 15, 2014 at 5:19pm

Was curious to see who you guys see getting PT next year.

QB-Braxton Miller / JT Barett/ Cardale Jones

Obviously Braxton is the guy.

RB- Ezekiel Elliot/ Brionte Dunn/ Rodd Smith or Warren Ball

I think this is the pecking order for the "true" RB position. 2012, I loved Rodd Smith, but he disappeared this past year. Gotta think there is something going on behind the scenes, given his history.

Hybrid- Dontre Wilson AND Curtis Samuel

I see Dontre lining up primarily at WR with getting a couple of carries, and Samuel being a RB and lining up at WR occasionally.

WR (Just the guys who will play) -Devin Smith / James Clark / Jeff Green / Jalin Marshall / Evan Spencer / Johnnie Dixon / Mike Thomas / Corey Smith

I think we are going to go deep at WR with all of the young talent on the roster. I think Johnnie Dixon could turn some heads his FR year. Wouldn't be surprised if he was a Freshman All American.

TE-Huerman / Vannett / Baugh

Solid group. Huerman could be one of the first TE's drafted next year if they get the ball to him this year.

LT -Decker / LG- Elflien / C-Boren or Price / RG- Price, Knox or Dodson/ RT- Baldwin or Jamarco

Wouldn't be surprised at all to see one of the freshman start, while another is in the 2 deep. Don't think our O-Line will be as good as last year, but not as "bad" as people may think.

DE-Spence AND Marcus / DT-Bennett / DT-Washington / DE-Bosa

Bosa and Washington will rotate between DT and DE due to their flexibility. I actually think Jamal Marcus could see time at LBer after Spence comes back from his suspension. Best D-Line in the country bar none.

WLB-Trey Johnson and Marcus / MLB- McMillan AND Grant / SLB- Perry (with one of the Freshman getting snaps)

Fully expect the LBers to be much better, even though they weren't as bad as most think. Fickell is an excellent LB coach and will get the boys ready. I think Booker and Hubbard will see the field in some capacity.

CB-Grant / CB-Apple OR Conley / S-Powell / S- Bell / S- Burrows

The youth movement. Reeves will have to improve drastically if he wants to start next season. Meyer has constantly brought Conley's name up when saying he shouldn't have redshirted some of the freshman. 

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