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November 20, 2023 at 11:46am

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Credit to AhmedDaeus for collecting this data!

Penalty Yards per Game in CFB

School 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Alabama 28 60 118 118 108 128 59
Clemson 33 27 28 28 61 49 18
Georgia 88 56 49 49 32 35 19
Michigan 86 101 50 50 18 3 1
Notre Dame 48 33 65 65 49 25 85
Ohio State 115 127 75 75 89 44 51

TTUN went from ranked #101 in 2018 to #18 in 2021 when they are alleged to have started their impermissible scheme, to #1 in 2023 by a wide margin.

  • TTUN does not need to jump offsides because they knew where the offense was going with the ball.
  • TTUN does not need to hold if they know where rushers and blitzers are coming from.
  • TTUN does not need to commit pass interference if they always know the pass concept and don't ever bite on a play action fake.

Pretty damning evidence - absurd outlier data.

Latest from TheOracle regarding TTUN using real-time game film of opposing teams' signals and using a computer program to decode the signals.

It was used to decipher data from the 1Q/1H and then input to determine nulls and noise from actual signals. In turn, this gave UM the "play call" based on the sideline signal, but it was evidently much more generic ("screen pass to the field side" or "run to boundary").

The point being: The advance scouting provided the general information to basically itemize an inventory of plays, and the same-day, in-game scouting during 1Q/1H lent specificity to the exact signal structure that was being deployed for that particular game.

He insists that the technology was absolutely being used on game day, and that sideline signals were being filmed during 1Q/1H and uploaded for processing in coordination with "UM football staff."

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