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We Should Root for Florida This Weekend

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macdaddybuckeyesupreme's picture
October 27, 2021 at 12:21pm

Florida plays Georgia. We should be Florida fans for 3 hours on the hopes they can beat Georgia, this way thee is zero chance the SEC can get 2 teams in the playoff especially if Alabama runs through the sec and beats Georgia in the sec title game.

We either need Florida to beat Georgia, or hope Auburn can beat Alabama.

Ok so since people apparently aren't thinking big picture. If Georgia wins out and Alabama wins out and beats Georgia in the SEC total game, Georgia and Alabama will both be in. If Oklahoma wins out and goes undefeated they will be in the playoff. If Cincinnati wins out they will get in the playoff because SMU is ranked, and SMU will be ranked when the CFP poll comes out next week.

So since there is a 4 team playoff you will have Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma and Cinci. So you can hold a stupid grudge from 15 years ago. Or realize the committee is going to do whatever they want, brand power and viewers don't matter to them.

We need teams to lose, we need Oregon to lose again, we need Cinci to lose, we need Oklahoma to lose.

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