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Michigan 2019 Preview (from a Rational Alum)

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July 31, 2019 at 11:04pm

Did this last year and the discussion was a lot of fun, so figured I'd cross post my predictions piece again - this time hosted at Off Tackle Empire rather than Mgoblog. Here is a link to the full piece

Also, I was right about almost everything last year - everything except Wisconsin.  

High-level overview:

  • Michigan's offense will be better and also a lot more watchable, thanks to a lot of returning production and a new OC who is installing a variant of the Joe Moorhead offense that transformed PSU in 2016 and 2017. 
  • Michigan's defense will have the same issues as we had at the end of 2018, but won't dominate teams like we did toward the middle of 2018 (hopefully we won't need to).
  • Michigan's schedule doesn't have any clear losses, but does include 6 difficult games - one of which is The Game, which I expect to lose.

Prediction: 10-2 (7-2).

I think the likeliest loss is to OSU. Reason: on paper, we should be able to win The Game, but OSU should be presumptive favorite until we, you know, actually demonstrate that we can win The Game. Put another way, I'm still pessimistic about our chances, but less so than usual. 

Second likeliest is Wisconsin (I'll die on that hill). Reason: Jonathan Taylor vs. the creamy middle of our DL plus hostile road environment and early season kinks to work out on offense. 

End Result: same record and position as last year but one that feels better because we play modern football again. 

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