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Appreciation Thread for the Excellent Coverage by and Format of 11 W

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January 3, 2020 at 3:32pm

I would like to take a moment to thank the staff of 11W for the amazing quality they bring to the reporting and article writing here. The format of 11 Warriors is unequaled anywhere else in the college sports world, I spent a bit of time during the bowl season trying find other teams forums and was shocked at how poorly done most of them are. Difficult to find, then often simply piggybacked onto sites like 24/7 that are mostly paywall. Poorly organized, few photos and graphics, etc.  Threads that read in frames , with responses in frames to the point you can't tell what you are reading. Little to no moderating, so populated with drunken idiots trying to out vulgar each other.

Then there is Mgoblog. If someone can explain to me what the heck the current header on that blog is supposed to represent as it relates to U of M, I would appreciate it. 

Actually, don't bother. The writing over there is so bizarre, it's not worth it.

We are the most spoiled fans in the world, and I hope it continues. Shop at the store or join the premium lounge, but help make the otherworldly sports blog here keep breaking into new heights of quality.

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