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What Are Your Craziest Sports Stories/injuries? (Preferably from Playing)

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November 22, 2019 at 10:34am

Hey guys just trying to get through the last few hours before it's finally the weekend of at least a competitive game. I know I have a few crazy sports/injury stories from my playing days and the forum about who played football in HS/College got me thinking of all the crazy stuff my body got put through, such as "how would you describe to somebody that's never played that you were hitting/getting hit so hard that the first time you broke blood vessels in your hands you were 8 years old?" I guess I'll get started with a few of my own...

Football: I played at a small HS and only ever came out of the game for a play or two at a time.
- As a Jr RB I got knocked out on a late option pitch that my QB got me destroyed on. Came to just before the trainer arrived... being a little stunned I just looked at him and said "Oh I just got the wind knocked out of me." Went to the sidelines for the required play of sitting out and went right back in not even thinking about it. This would have been 2007 just as concussions were starting to blow up as a big issue. Yea...I wasn't even considering not playing. 
- Same season playing against Storm Klein's LV team, seemingly every play we were hitting each other full force...I just remember probably sometime in the 2nd quarter Having my helmet halfway off waiting for the kickoff because my headache was so bad...kicker started running for the kick, I smacked my helmet back down all the way on and returned the kick about 15/20 yds never came out until it was such a blowout for LV that my coach finally pulled the starters...I've never been diagnosed with a concussion but when I think back on it I probably had quite a few which is scary. 
Football Injuries: 
-Broken Fibia requiring 8 screws & torn deltoid ligaments in my ankle, broken thumb the same game, shattered little finger, torn ligaments in my ring finger, separated shoulder in my year playing D3 college, Multiple sprained MCLs/ACLs, my wrists both sound like cement mixers if I roll them around from getting jammed up so much

-Best wrestling story I had was when I dislocated my shoulder so bad it popped my clavicle out of place where it connects under your neck and pinched the nerve because I had this big fucker in a headlock about to pin him and he no shit just did a sit up and my shoulder popped... rolled around in pain for a couple minutes and then coach asked me if I could continue. I figured It's already hurt and I was kicking the dudes ass might as well finish it. Went on to pin the guy barely being able to make a fist with my dominant hand. I would go on to separate both shoulders multiple times between football and wrestling. 

In summary I think like maybe my left elbow, right ankle, and thank god my hips so far are about the only joints left that I don't have issues with from playing so many sports. 

These are far from all my stories but their definitely the most "what the hell was I thinking." So it's on you folks to provide some reading material this morning. 

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