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Sheared Lug Stud Advice

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August 11, 2018 at 1:52am

I went to pick up my twins at a party tonight & made it about 10 feet before I realized I had a flat.

I got out the jack & lug wrench but couldn’t get any of the lug nuts to budge.

i improvised a breaker bar & that worked but I sheared 2 of the studs - I only have 4.

i ended up taking my wife’s car to pick them up.

Question 1.  Is it actually safe to drive a short distance to get replacement studs?

Question 2.  Is it really all that easy to just hammer them out with a punch & hammer?  2A - do the replacement studs just slide in & tighten up when you tighten the nut?

In 30 years of driving this has never happened to me before.  The party my twins went to - their friend’s dad was there & I believe is a US Army mechanic.  He seemed to think the problem was not insurmountable & offered to help.

- my spare was flat also.  What a great night this is.  I was half expecting Urban to be reinstated today.

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