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  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Mike Weber / JK Dobbins
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Comment 29 Jun 2020

I found out that NASCAR broke the color line 14 years before the SEC did.

Fred Patterson played at Ohio State in 1891.


doesn’t this hurt Southern recruiting more than it should?

Comment 19 May 2020

Imma wreck that Cadillac 

don’t you worry mama

I got insurance now!
(& then I got Twins!)

Comment 19 May 2020

The Boss May have covered Aretha’s Pink Cadillac based off Lightning Hopkins.

(just conjecture)


Comment 19 May 2020

Btw, Stxbuck.  Thank you for starting this thread.

I was in a Very Dark place before being intrigued by the thread title.  I have no idea what I came to this site looking for, but I found it & it lifted my spirits probably more than you’ll ever know.  I think I had forgotten the enjoyment I got from listening to people play music better than I can.

Comment 19 May 2020

Eric Burden & the Animals 1965 cover (for those who never heard it):


Comment 19 May 2020

Sometimes both the cover & the original are both amazing.

I remember hearing a song in my wife’s car & telling her it was a cover of a 60’s Eric Burden song (the opposite was true!  Burden covered Nina Simone).  Not the only time I was wrong about who covered who when hearing her songs.


Lena Horn’s version of Rocky Raccoon so surprised me that I immediately bought that song.  I don’t favor either of them - both good, I think:


Comment 19 May 2020


I do like CCR’s cover of Leadbelly’s Midnight Special more.  Better sound on the cover.

Comment 19 May 2020

I shot the Sheriff charted higher for Clapton than Marley.  I like Bob’s version better, but some may like Eric’s.

Hound Dog by Elvis was a Cover.

i like Big Mama Thornton’s version better, but that’s just me.


Comment 19 May 2020

A good percentage of Led Zeppelin’s more well known songs are covers.  They did them well, though.

Comment 19 May 2020

Holy Crap!  I never knew this.  I think I have a few Toots & Maytals records.  Not that song, tho!

Comment 26 Apr 2020

Their photo is now above where they once rested

Comment 26 Apr 2020

Damn.  I bought them the best food available 

I am still missing their noise

Comment 25 Apr 2020

When this crap is all over I hope that people remember the fear & uncertainty of their economic situation and start putting away money every paycheck to build a personal safety net than can last them 6 months to a year for when the next time the economy is in dire straits.  I mean, it happens almost every 10 years.

The Great Recession scared the crap out of me because it was the first time I was responsible for the survival of people other than myself.  I’ve been through quite a few economic downturns.  There are usually still ways to get some income.  If I end up getting the axe I have no problem starting all over again stocking shelves, bagging groceries, working in a distribution center, mowing yards, painting, roofing, working in a kitchen,  - whatever I can get because it’s better than the alternative.  I’ve already worked my way out of poverty once & I’ve done many of those jobs before to get where I am now.  I will do it again, if need be.

There is no excuse for becoming a thief or abusing family members.

The Mormons know what they’re doing w/ the 3 months food supply, IMO.  That was a direct response to the 1930’s.

Comment 20 Apr 2020


Comment 20 Apr 2020

for the Shih Tzu is prone to stubbornness


Comment 20 Apr 2020

They are both not well.  Dementia,blindness,loss of hearing... etc.

when it’s my turn,I wonder.

Comment 20 Apr 2020

I told

everyone in the family - I didn’t sign up for this.

you-all signed me up.

& here I am.

the one who loved them.  Despite not wanting to.