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Comment 3 hours ago

There’s a secret about this that some colleges are using to game the rankings systems.

Only incoming Freshman’s scores, etc. are reported to these ranking metrics.  From my understanding a great number of schools will let people in with much lower scores if they transfer in as Sophomores as their numbers don’t effect the average test scores / gpa that get used to rank the school.

Comment 20 hours ago

“boat shoes you wore without socks between 8th through 11th grade if you lived in Central Ohio back when Jimmy Buffett didn't have gray hair.”


“at The Boot after a raucous evening”

Whoa, again.  Behind The Boot was The Boot Store.  About 10’ from campus.  You could buy bottles of hard alcohol there with a student ID that said you were at least 18.  Louisiana has since changed the age to 21.  Thanks, LSU students.

- Also, I can’t believe The Boot is still open.  I wonder if the floors are still perpetually sticky.

Comment 18 Sep 2018

They actually have more SEC titles than half the current members, as does Georgia Tech.

Comment 18 Sep 2018

The cost of attendance went from $14 K a year in the early 90’s to $64 K a year now.  No break for in State students.  It’s unholy expensive and probably the biggest mistake I ever made was to go there.

I’m hoping the Buckeyes annihalate the Green Wave.

Comment 18 Sep 2018

I have a shirt that says it’s the Harvard of the South.

One reason to hate them is Rich Rodriguez got his first OC gig there.

Comment 17 Sep 2018

The header photo reminded me of something in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

I can’t find or remember the quote.  I’ll do a disservice to HST by trying to paraphrase it.

‘The very idea that any drunk bastard can pay $10 and have a 500’ tall image projected on downtown Las Vegas - saying whatever nonsense comes into his mind really shook me to the core, man.  What is wrong with people here that they would allow such a thing?’