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Comment 11 Jul 2018

“I’ll say this: With John, they used to set the Jugs machine at 70-80 mph for us receivers to simulate John’s throws,”

one of Elway’s receivers.

Comment 10 Jul 2018

They could have jacked up rates for ESPN if they got too angry at Comcast - perhaps this is what they did with BTN as a warning shot.

I missed 2 full seasons of Rockets games due to some other pissing contest between DTV & Comcast a while back.

Comment 08 Jul 2018

My great grandfather on my mother’s side (met him only twice in some small Ohio town) - I know his family fought in the American Revolutionary War because I’ve run the genealogies - 2 of them, Father & Son.  I only understood a few things he ever said because he only spoke German & I only understood them because I learned what the German words meant.

i traced them back to Zurich.

My direct ancestor from whence came my last name was deported from Scotland for failing to support a Catholic King.  It was a slave ship headed for Georgia - half the people on that ship died in transit.  Because my ancestor was literate & signed a protest document (he was a Quaker) he was granted his freedom after winning a lawsuit in New Jersey courts.  He fought in the ARW as well.

i find very many people who don’t like introducing new cultures to this melting pot nation have histories that don’t go back very long on this continent.  In the grand scheme of things, neither does mine.  My wife has claim to roots here that could be 5000 x longer than me.

Comment 08 Jul 2018

I can’t believe no one has used the quote “the world needs ditch diggers too” yet.

My suspicion is that it is uncommon to find paralleled mental training in logic and analysis outside of colleges.  The benefits of those may be immeasurable to a person, though they’re far from being the sum of their potential for success.

My life’s path has not included finishing a 4 year degree yet but I know the couple of years I had and the years of learning prior to attending has vastly helped me get where I am today.  Not the least bit it has helped in my confidence that if need be I can teach myself how to do nearly anything not named quantum physics.

Lastly, the co-owner of the company I work for has a degree in English from Vandy & this is at an engineering firm.  I’d guess he’s making a lot closer to half a mil a year than he is to under 6 figures.

Comment 06 Jul 2018

For the 3rd & 2 stats - if defending a zone read team you kind of want to take away the RB first & take your chances with the QB (depending on who the QB & RB are, I guess).  I’m kind of surprised to see such a high success rate for our RB’s considering that.

I would have guessed that stealing signals would have been harder than it apparently is.  You’ve got to have a certain brain wiring that I’d guess most people don’t have to not only remember but also categorize a lot of bits of information in order to sort out which is the real signal and which are subterfuge I guess.