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upset and fire and a blessing

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April 19, 2017 at 11:03am

On Nov.28,1942 the powerful,undefeated 8-0 Boston College (outscored opp.249-18)ranked no 1 in the polls played a Holy Cross team in Fenway park.In one of the biggest upsets in CF history   H.C. pounded B.C. 55 -12,college bowl scouts were in attendance ready to invite an unbeaten BC team to the Cotton Bowl.

plans had been made for a big celebration at the Cocoanut Grove nightclub that night

after that devastating loss the celebration was cancelled.That night about 10:14  a busboy had been ordered by a bartender to fix a light bulb located at the top of an artificial palm tree in the corner of the melody lounge,one of the ballrooms in the huge nightclub.Due to the lack of light in that area the bellboy lit a match to locate the socket,moments later patrons saw a flicker of flame in the palm tree where many flammable decorations were,they saw the decorations start to burn and change color.

The flames spread rapidly and soon the entire night club was on fire,the double exit doors opened inward and the people paniced to get them open but couldn't.

A lot of the patrons were service men and women on leave(WWII).the death toll was estimated at 492 with many severly burned.The irony of the story is it was a blessing fo BC to lose that gamebut terrible for others,this is a true story.

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