Michigan Gifts Players Necklaces Commemorating Victory Over Buckeyes for Second Straight Year

By Jacob Rhee on February 17, 2023 at 7:36 pm
This year’s Michigan charms

With its 45-23 win in The Game, Michigan is continuing its young tradition of handing out memorabilia to players after a victory over Ohio State. The practice began in 2021, and it closely mirrors the Buckeyes' tradition of giving Gold Pants to players, which began in 1934.

The front side of the necklace depicts a sword and a shovel crossing behind the date of The Game, along with the words, "Courageous," "Strong," and "Faith." The back portrays The Shoe, with "What's Our Name?" written above "Michigan" – seemingly a response to Ohio State calling Michigan “That Team Up North“ – and "Build" and "Attack" engraved on either side of the final score.

Aaron Bills, the director of creative for the Wolverines, designed last year's charms with Jim Harbaugh and DeAnna McDaniel, and it seems as though Bills had a part in creating this year’s chains, as well.

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