Nick Saban Agrees to Multi-Year Extension with Alabama

By Vico on December 13, 2013 at 9:27 pm
Nick Saban derpface

Nick Saban's possible departure to Texas would've been the college football story of the offseason. After all, Texas is searching for a good reason to give Mack Brown the heave-ho and has more money than necessary to throw at Nick Saban to lure him from Tuscaloosa.

As it turns out, Saban may have simply leveraged Texas over Alabama. He's agreed to a new deal to stay at Alabama.

More details are forthcoming. For the meantime, be still, Kirk Herbstreit's beating heart!

As for Mack Brown, of whom Chip Brown of Orangebloods said was going to be forced from his position, ostensibly in favor of Nick Saban? Well, there's this.

Texas Longhorns message board meltdown: commence.

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