11W Community Interview: Stephen Collier

By Jeremy Birmingham on July 14, 2013 at 6:00 pm
The 11W Community Interview is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people. You submit the questions, vote on them, and then we pass the top ones on to the biggest names in the world of Ohio State athletics.

As Ohio State's 2014 class started to come together, the question of "who is the quarterback?" was of paramount importance to fans and recruits, knowing that Ohio State's signal caller search was a primary concern for the Buckeye coaching staff. In late April, as Ohio State was expanding their search, offensive coordinator Tom Herman made a trip to Georgia to check out an under the radar quarterback from Leesburg named Stephen Collier. Collier impressed the Buckeye play-caller with his size and mechanics, but made a bigger impression with his calm, controlled and measured personality.

That visit left quite an impression on Herman who stayed in regular contact with Collier afterwards, culminating in a June 9th visit from the quarterback to Columbus, where he attended Ohio State's one-day camp with a chance to earn a scholarship to Ohio State.

Twelve days later, Collier did just and on Friday, June 21st he became Ohio State's quarterback for 2014.

Now's your chance to get to know a bit more about Buckeye commitment Stephen Collier.

What was the biggest thing you took away from your Elite 11/Opening camp experience?  - TennBuckeye19

SC: The biggest things I was able to take away the from Elite 11 and The Opening were, one, tools to improve the mental aspect of the Quarterback position, and two, some mechanical tweaks that will help improve velocity as well as accuracy. Sometimes people focus too much on the physical attributes a QB has when a lot of the time the mental part is what makes a QB great. We were able to learn how far we could push ourselves and how to focus and think when we felt exhausted and spent. The tweaks in the mechanics were small, but most things concerning a QB are. "How you do small things is how you do all things."

Do you think your more of a quarterback that makes plays with his feet or his arm? Do you prefer to scramble or stay in the pocket? - RaiderRed

SC: I prefer to stay in the pocket if possible, but if necessary I can make things happen with my feet. I'm definitely a throw first kind of guy.

What are your thought of possibly having 2 QBs in this class?  - WeZBuck28

If two quarterbacks are taken in this class, while unlikely, it wouldn't undermine my commitment to Ohio State. There's going to be competition at any college, so why should it matter if it comes in my class or is already there?

How often (if at all) do you get on recruiting sites to read stuff about you or other recruits? - D1145FreshSC: 

SC: During the first initial months of recruitment I enjoyed looking at all the stories and articles and rankings. Then after a while it didn't seem as important. Now I never look at them.

What other commits do you  frequently chat with, and who are you personally trying to recruit to join you in the 2014 class? - OSUBucks57

SC: I talk to all the commits. We're like brothers now and I'm so glad I get to be apart of the Buckeye family! Guys like Demetrius Knox, Mike Gesicki, and Curtis Samuel are all guys I want to come be apart of our class.

Did OSU provide you with a workout regimen or things they wanted you to work on prior to enrolling? If so, how do you incorporate those things into what your HS coaches and trainers are doing now? - SarasotaBCG

SC: A workout regime, no, not yet. Things I'm expected to work on, yes. It helps too because I can work on these things everyday at practice. Coach Herman is huge on footwork and foot placement. He told me I need to work on being relaxed but ready to throw at any moment and in order to that I need to keep my knees bent and I need to get off of my toes also.

What goes through your mind when you imagine the day you first walk up under center in front of 100,000-plus fans in the "Shoe".   - BuckGuyFan1

SC:  It is really an overwhelming thought. When I first got to see the stadium it just looked so large and I felt like an ant. I know that when I'm finally able to take a snap, the crown noise will be deafening and the adrenaline will be at an all time high for me. I'll be calmed though, because of the months and months of preparation. I'll be anxious but I won't feel pressure, because pressure is only there when you acknowledge it's present.

I think everyone has a dream school or school they rooted for most growing up, which one was yours?  - Poison Nuts

SC: I always rooted for UGA during my early years but as college football kind of became a real possibility I didn't really have a favorite.

Being from Georgia, what is the perception of Ohio State among other Georgia prospects that you've spoken with or been around during the process? - LuckyNutz

There's going to be competition at any college, so why should it matter if it comes in my class or is already there?

SC: Ohio State is defined by one phrase, at least where I live, "they win." Recruits ultimately want to be on a wining program and tOSU offers that.


Are you catching any flack from the SEC fans down in Georgia? If so does it motivate you? - OhioWhiteSnake

SC: Yes, a little! Most times I think they're joking with me though. It definitely motivates me. Can't wait to knock of an SEC school for a national title.

Give us a glimpse of what we'll be able to expect from Stephen Collier in the coming years: What college or pro QB's style/game do you think yours resembles the most? - RightAgain

SC: I don't think I could say everything I do is exactly resembled in one player. I think I manage games well, like my favorite QB in Matt Ryan, I make plays with my feet like Colin Kaepernick, and then I can make it happen in the pocket like an Aaron Rodgers. I'm in no way saying I'm even close to being as good as those guys are though. I still have much learning to do and experience to gain.

I'm so thankful for everything that god has blessed with over this last week. It's truly been amazing. I'd also like to thank my family, friends, and all of those people who believed in me when no else did. Getting the opportunity to play for Ohio State is like a dream come true. I'm blessed beyond measure and I can't wait to work my tail off and do great things at The Ohio State University! O-H!


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