New Cal Bears Offense: All "Packaged Plays"

By Ross Fulton on March 19, 2013 at 11:08 am

Last year I discussed how 'packaged plays'--that being 2 or 3 potential plays put together into one play call from which the QB chooses post-snap based upon the defensive reaction--were becoming increasingly popular in college football.  Next year's OSU opponent Cal has hired Sonny Dykes and Tony Franklin--two of the more 'outside the box' thinkers in college football.  Apparently, Dykes and Franklin have decided to make every play a packaged play.

Nearly every single run play there is a quick game or screen component tied on to the backside, and sometimes routes are tagged frontside as well. They call quick concept backside so often that they actually have to call/signal for the backside to BLOCK when they just want a designed run play.

Facing Cal's O will make for an interesting match-up next fall for OSU's inexperienced defense.    

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