Catching Up with Sean Welsh: OSU Camp

By Alex Gleitman on June 12, 2012 at 8:35 am
Next man up? PossiblyWill Welsh land an Ohio State offer?

At Ohio State's summer football camp this past weekend there was a talented group of offensive linemen competing throughout the day to catch the eye of the staff and try to earn an offer from the Buckeyes.

One of those players was Sean Welsh of Springboro, who has long been on Ohio State's radar, but still has not been able to claim an offer from the home state school despite a list of scholarships from some of the best programs in the nation.

Welsh, 6-3/275, performed very well on Sunday and put himself in great position to land that coveted offer once the Buckeye coaching staff convenes today to decide his fate. He is likely to end up as an interior line prospect if he does make it to Columbus, although some programs are saying he could play tackle in their system.

We caught up with Welsh to hear how his performance at camp went, what an Ohio State offer would mean to him, what else is going on with his recruitment, and more. Join us after the jump to hear more about one of Ohio's best offensive linemen, Sean Welsh.

How did your experience at OSU's camp go this past weekend?

It went great. It is really the only camp I'm going to this summer, but I think it was one of my better performances. I performed well and did the best I think I could do, which is all I can ask for.

What coaches did you get to speak to while in Columbus?

I worked with Coach Warinner all day and also got to speak to Coach Coombs, who is my area recruiter. I have known Kirk Barton for a while, as we met at last summer's camp so I spoke to him as well.

What did the coaches say to you?

They told me they would be meeting about everything on Monday and Tuesday and that they'd be deciding what they were going to do about offers. I have to call them so I should find out pretty soon where I stand with them. 

What do you think your chances are of landing an Ohio State offer?

I'm confident in my chances. I think I performed well and did my best. Whether I'm what they're looking for or not, I know I gave it my all on Sunday.

What offensive lineman stood out to you the most at camp?

Kyle Meadows did a great job up there. He didn't get to play last year because of an injury and people think he's overrated, but he was really good. We've seen each other at a lot of camps and are kind of in the same boat when it comes to recruiting so we've built a little bit of a relationship.

What defensive lineman stood out to you most at camp?

They had a ton of really good athletes on the defensive line, so I can't say one. There really were some amazing players there.

What schools have offered you right now? Do you have a list of favorites?

I haven't narrowed my list and am still in the thick of things. I really want to see what everyone has to offer. I have scholarships right now from (in alphabetical order) Air Force, Ball State, Bowling Green, Cincinnati, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kent State, Kentucky, Louisville, Miami (FL), Miami (OH), Ohio, Toledo, West Virginia, and Western Kentucky.

When will you make a college decision?

I would like to make one before the season out of convenience and so that I can play my senior season without worrying about it. If I'm not comfortable making a commitment though, I will definitely wait and make the right choice at some time during my senior year.

If Ohio State offers you a scholarship, where would they sit on your list? Is it out of the question that you would commit there shortly after if they did offer?

If Ohio State offers that would obviously be huge. They are one of the biggest and best programs in the country and are located less than two hours from my home. It's not completely out of the question that I would commit to them if they offered, but there are other schools I like that have been recruiting me for a while and have great things to offer as well. Iowa, for example, has built a relationship with me, they are an NFL factory on the offensive line, and said I'd have a chance to start for three years if I went there. I obviously have to think things through, but all I will say for now is that an Ohio State offer would be huge.


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