Ellen Tressel Discusses her Husband

By 11W Staff on October 8, 2010 at 5:54 am
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The Plain Dealer talks to the coach's wife providing a fantastic peek into the private life of Dear Leader.  Take this tale about how she surprised him with a red Mustang shortly after the Rose Bowl:

They picked out the car at a dealership, but when it arrived in May, Ellen didn't tell her husband it was ready and instead worked with the dealership to surprise him. Tressel said he never gets to watch the Ohio State band perform, so he was tricked into sitting in Ohio Stadium, told he was waiting to meet with a donor. Then the OSU band came out and performed Script Ohio, and Tressel served as guest conductor to lead them in a version of Carmen, Ohio. Finally, his new Mustang was pulled onto the 50-yardline.

"He was blown away," Ellen said. "He was amazed I was able to pull this off. You don't get things over on him too many times, but we did.

"It's beautiful and he loves it. He's been like a little kid in a candy store ever since he got it. He grins ear to ear every time he drives it."

Kind of makes us grin like a kid in a candy store just hearing about things like that.

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