Joe Girardi Hearts Jim Tressel

By Chris Lauderback on April 5, 2009 at 12:37 am
Joe-TieHe even dresses like Tressel

Ahhh...This warms my heart.

As a Buckeye and Yankee fan I'm used to taking non-stop flak from opposing fan bases for differing reasons. For OSU, it's constant chatter about a weak conference and big game failures. For the Yanks, it's about not being able to successfully buy a championship.

To me, both arguments can go float in the toilet next to a thick steamer but I have to admit the hate only makes the love for my teams even stronger and now there's a nice link between the two on field generals.

Talking today about the two helmets behind his Yankee Stadium desk - a Northwestern helmet (his alma mater), and an OSU helmet signed by Tressel - Girardi offered up some love for the Vested One:

"I really admire what he does," Girardi says, "And I'm a Northwestern guy."

Maybe it's just me but I think that's good stuff. I wonder how many Rich Rod signed helmets are out there for similar reasons?