Which Way For the Offense?

By Corey Carpenter on September 2, 2008 at 2:00 pm

There is little doubt that Beanie's injury is going to be the major topic of discussion for the next 11 days and hopefully not beyond that. If you believe the early reports and rumors, it looks as if his big toe will be healed in time for the USC game and Buckeye fans should have no worries.

However, what if it lingers beyond Sept. 13th? Which direction do you think JT will take the offense and more importantly, who gets the bulk of carries.

From early results of our current poll, most of you believe Boom Herron will get his opportunity to carry the load. Jason touched on the rise of Boom last week, but he only carried it 5 times for 17 yards against YSU and had no catches, simply not enough touches to form an opinion. I liked the way he ran for his first game and will be anxious to see him get 15 or so carries this week.

The crew here at 11W have not been the biggest fans of Mo Wells and his production over the last three years, but starting late last season, I have sensed a different back and that showed again on Saturday. He averaged 7 yards per touch (6 for 42 yards) and he seemed very effective running the pistol formation with TP. I still don't think he can be the primary back, but his change of pace could be crucial to OSU's success in the coming weeks.

Brandon Saine wasn't used as much on Saturday, but that still could be the lingering effects of his injury in fall camp. Tressel doesn't like to rush players back and Saine's touches could still be limited until USC.

Then again, Bollman and Tressel could take the opposite approach and let the QB's and WR's get most of the work. I think Ohio State's passing game is going to be awesome this year. I know there is still some distrust of Boeckman, but 14-19 for 187 yards and 2 touchdowns is not a bad start. His feet were happy again, but The Todd even admitted to that and we can chalk it up to first game jitters.

11 Buckeyes caught passes Saturday and that group doesn't include T. Washington or Saine. With the early emergence of Devier Posey and Lamaar Thomas, Tressel has a minimum of 7 receivers he can throw out there. I don't care how good USC, Oklahoma or Florida is, if JT can rotate receivers the entire game and get effective QB play, there is no defense that can stop the attack.

I know, I know, what about LIC? Terrelle was impressive in his first game, but I don't think he is going to take the offense away from Todd. What we saw of TP on Saturday is what we will see all year. His touches may increase as the season progresses, but I don't see the coaching staff forcing him to do too much with Todd at the helm.

With that being said, how exciting is this kid going to be? I try not to look ahead too much, but the only seniors amongst the WR's and RB's are Robiskie and Mo Wells...sick.

I want to know your opinions. Beanie is out and you are the offensive coordinator, which direction do you take? Do you trust anyone to run it 20 times a game or do you turn it over to the quarterbacks and wide receivers?

I am floored by the response we received for the 11W stickers, but don't worry, we have plenty. I was going to try and get them out this past weekend, but real life called and everyone will now have them for the USC game. If you are still interested, please email me corey@elevenwarriors.com