Presser Notes: Ohio University Week

By Corey Carpenter on September 3, 2008 at 7:00 am
The most famous boot in Ohio history.

While we here at 11W are not officially invited to the weekly media luncheons and crashing it is not the PR move we need right now, the wonders of the internet allows us to be there and hopefully touch on a few of the highlights each week.

Of course the majority of the questions focused on Beanie's injury and Pyror's future role.

It appears as if Beanie's reaction to the "pop" he heard may be more severe than the injury itself. He told Tressel yesterday morning that he felt great and the treatments are working, but he will probably be listed as doubtful for OU this Saturday.

Tressel gave his typical answers when it came to Terrellr Pyror, saying he is learning every day, he is anxious to learn and his role will continue to grow as he grasp the entire package and develops consistency. While TP was listed as the third-stringer going into the YSU game, the Vest did say that if Todd were to go down with an injury, Pryor would be his replacement (that didn't take long).

After sifting through a couple dozen Beanie and TP questions, I was glad to hear someone ask about the red zone problems that resurfaced again on Saturday. Tressel could recall at least two times the team had 1st and 10 inside the 10 yard and the following mistakes lead to field goals.

There were the typical problems. The first one was we had an off-side penalty and all of a sudden we're second and whatever, 14, which it's a little more difficult to score from that vantage point. On one of them I recall, I think it was on Terrelle's first drive, one of the plays, the receivers didn't get the check and all of a sudden they were running a route and he was running the ball and there were the three guys that were supposed to be blocking right there, but mistakes, penalties, it's usually the case.

I was also interested to hear in the performance of Byrant Browning. It was his first career start and his continued development is key.

He did well, he didn't quite grade winning performance. The penalty might have been a little costly in that. But I thought he played solid, and he got about 40 snaps as a starter, as a right tackle solely. He had moved around a little bit last year. He was kind of our sixth guy so we had to have him a little bit of everywhere. Bryant's going to be good

Finally, you can read the entire transcript here, but be prepared for 20 different ways to ask the same question about Beanie's injury, as one reporter summed it up towards the end.

To ask the same question a hundred different ways, people, I think in this state have been for a couple days just waiting and wondering about Beanie. Is the main message today that Ohio State fans can go back to their lives and not be too worried about how Beanie Wells is doing.

Other Notes: Kurt Coleman is back practicing this week... The Buckeyes sent out 6 freshmen together on the third series of the game... Robo could have come back into the game if needed... No other injuries came out of the first game.