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Which linebacker would you choose to put on this year's team?



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You could never go wrong adding Spielman to your team!

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There can be only 1.


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How can you not love that pic of Spielman in what is most likely his last game against scUM. Notice the blood on the pants. He was a beast. I've always said that if you compare him to Katz, with the way Spielman played, if he would have been as big, strong and fast as Katz, he would have killed people. That is proof there is a God as that was God's way of protecting opposing players from death.

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Any one would be welcome.

It may not be the best answer, but its mine:

I saw Katz, Hawk and RDS play in the scarlet and gray. I didn't get to see Spielman.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I want Shazier back. He has the speed to make up for some of the recent defensive deficiencies. Imagine the last two seasons without him. 

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Would have voted Matt Wilhelm if it was an option. 

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Behind Speilman, Matt Wilhelm would of been my 2nd choice.  The guy had a very "under the radar" career.

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Wilhelm was a beast. He played linebacker like it's meant to be played, with bad intentions. He didn't have tons of talent like the guys on this list but he made up for it by hitting hard, tackling, and playing flat out mean.

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The answer to what Linebacker would you have on any given team is always Chris Spielman.

As far as this specific year is concerned, we are unproven in the middle and need leadership. Spielman for the win.

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The only thing is, we've been solid in the middle and weak on the edges. 

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I thought Perry on the edge was more solid than Grant in the middle last year

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I won't argue that. The weakness of Grant wasn't exposed as often as our corners and safeties were. Shazier can take up some of the slack on the outside. A MLB doesn't do anything to stop screens and outs. 

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Good poll, but hard to ever vote against Spielman.  Maybe same poll with Laurinaitis instead?

If current LB's only, I'd have to say Hawk.  It was crazy how many times he'd move to one side of the ball before the snap and that's where the play wound up going.

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The answer is always Chris Spielman.

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I voted Spielman as well, but I wouldn't mind seeing Laurinaitis back either

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No James Laurinaitis?

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Spielman >> Laurinaitis

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I've got to go with Shazier on this one.  I want that speed back on the outside. I have high hopes for McMillian and really looking for him to lock down the middle.  Shazier hid a lot of the defenses mistakes the last two years so he's my guy.  Going to miss him like crazy.

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This team needs a leader at linebacker, that plays tough and smart. There's only one guy on that list that meets these quals, #36. Spielman.

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Spielman hands down. Best linebacker I've ever seen in a Buckeye uniform. Best leader, best instincts and best hitter.

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Shazier is the new era prototypical linebacker. Massive and fast as heck. He's not the leader Spielman was but in the era of spread offenses he's the guy you want.

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Would love to add any of the options.  I think Shazier would be the choice due to his speed.  Don't think many teams will be able to run on us, so a LB that can defend the pass is the call.  


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I would like all of them in a 3-4 defense with RDS and Hawk on the outside.

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On today's team vs today's spread offenses and with such little emphasis on run games (especially power run games), Ryan Shazier. I say that despite Speilman being my favorite Buckeye of all time.

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I went with Speilman just because of his intensity.  One of my favorite all time Buckeye players! 

Hard to go wrong with any of these guys though.  It like picking "What is your favorite corvette, the red one, the yellow one, the green one or the silver one?"  In the end you've got a high end sports car.  

Go Bucks!! 

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Obviously silver or red... no yellow. No green.

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I have pretty much seem them all and it has to be Katzenmoyer.

Hell (although missing on this ballot due to a lot of you young guys never having seen them play) I'd love to see either Randy Gradishar or Tom Cousineau anchor the D.

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Spiels from this poll, but Gradishar would be right there too...

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None of the above. GO BUCKS!

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Hawk. The guy came up big in big games, even when the offense didn't show up (05 Texas) Hawk did. And he could do it all too, he defended the pass better than anyone else on this list, he could get to the QB and stop the run just as good as any of em. Also how well the team played helps. In Hawks 4 years they won a National Title, 3 Fiesta Bowls, and 3 times against TTUN and 2 B1G Titles. Hawk.

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Except for the final possession on own one yardline, offense showed up each time Troy Smith was at QB. I understood the benching of Troy to start of the game but based on the offenses performances under each QB during that game, I couldn't understand why Tressel trotted out Zwick out on what could have been game winning drive. Then Zwick in the open field gets lit up by a much smaller man and fumbles our chances away.

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Dude you're preaching to the choir. Remember the gorgeous touchdown pass Troy threw to Santonio? You won't see many TD passes like that. EVERY other time was field goals in that game Josh Huston was 5/6. Never in any game should a kicker kick 6 field goals. And if that's Troy in the open field he gets away from that tackler and we still have a chance. After Smith throws that TD pass, I hand him the ball, he at least add mobility to the equation. That's a game I think if Urban was coaching we'd have won, and love Jimmy but his puckering up of his rear end could drive ya insane.

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Upvote. I was there and totally agree. To this day my only explanation of Zwick in that open field play, is fear. He just froze and then got jacked by a guy he probably had 25 plus pounds on. He didn't try to make an athletic move or even use his power and run through him. He froze. The only good point, is from that play forward, Tressel realized Troy was the guy from there on out.

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I totally agree, I think that's what sunk Zwick overall was fear. I think Tressel and his staff pounded the 'Don't turn the ball over' idea into some of their guys so much that the guys would then become afraid to make some throws and would over think themselves. I don't know if guys like Pryor and Troy succeeded cause they ignored it or what but I think it made guys like Zwick and Boeckman jumpy and not as good as they could have been.

"The only good thing about it is winning the d*** thing" - Urban Meyer on The Game The War