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When all is said and done, will Braxton Miller surpass Troy Smith in OSU lore?



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First he would need to win a Heisman, and then he would need to lead the Buckeyes, not only to the Playoffs but to the Championship game.......and that's just to get even........ It's certainly possible, but it's a pretty steep climb. 

It is the hope and dream for the season, our Heisman QB leading the Buckeyes to the first ever Playoff Championship!!

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for me is he can win a National Title this year he surpasses Troy, stats wise he has already blown by him for a career total, but he is missing that "big win", Heisman's are too "fluky" to gauge by. remember Byars,,,had maybe the best all around season by an OSU back ever, but 1 pass on national TV by Flutie and he missed out,,

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Winning the National Championship and a Heisman would do it in my opinion.

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He needs to win the Stiff Armed Trophy and get to the NCG, and possibly win it to pass Troy in my book.

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That is a question to ask after Braxton's senior year!!

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Troy was a very good QB for OSU.  However I could see Brax360 winning the Heisman and a NC, which Troy Smith only one won of those.  So to say it's an uphill climb is sort of unwarranted.  If he stays healthy, and with WAY more weapons around him than Troy had, I could see B.Miller surpassing him.  However those are some big IFs.   

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Way more weapons than Troy had? Antonio Pittman, Beanie Wells...Two first round draft pick WRs in Ted Ginn and Gonzo...not to mention guys like Hartline and Robiskie and even Roy Hall. Not so sure I completely agree there. 

If Brax wins Heisman and NC he blows Troy out of the water. 3 wins vs ttun, 3 time B1G POY, Heisman, nat'l champ...Brax would go down as one of the best 2 or 3 players in OSU history as far as I'm concerned.

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Don't forget Holmes in '05! That was my favorite buckeye team to watch

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If he brings a title to Columbus, yes. Otherwise it's a toss-up. 

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Today I say no. Tomorrow (in time) Brax could easily change my mind.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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If Braxton evolves like Troy did then yes. Troy went from being a less athletic version of Braxton to a 30 - 6 TD to INT ratio and a general on the field until the Heisman went to his head (and his stomach).

I'd love nothing more than Braxton to STAY HEALTHY, throw for 3,500 yards, and rush for near 500-700 yards winning the Heisman while leading our Buckeyes to the first ever CFP Championship with wins over some combination of Alabama/FSU/Oregon. 

IF he can do that, he'll easily take the cake and probably make a case for him being selected in the 1st Rd in next year's draft as well.

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If Miller wins the Heisman and his team plays for the NC, then he equals Smith's legacy.

If he wins the NC, he exceeds Smith's legacy, with or without the Heisman.

If he does none of the above, he will be remembered as an athleticially freakish quarterback who had a fabulous winning record against substandard competition....and left without any .....or few "signature wins".   So far, he has none.

He'll be remembered as a guy who carried this team when it had no Defense.....or as a guy who could not get the job done when it really mattered.  

He has a chance to shatter Smith's legacy --- or fall well short of it imho.

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My thoughts exactly.  The NC does it, with or without the Heisman.  Smith was the clear leader of the team his senior year.  You just knew he would make the right decision.


I really don't see him winning the Heisman anyways.  I think the stigma of the B1G and tOSU will affect it, the same way it does in the team rankings.  He would have to have a season comparable to what we've seen from Johnny Football or Cam Newton (Jameis did the majority of it with his arm, not legs), so that means 3000+yds passing, 1000+yds rushing, 30+ touchdowns passing, and 15+ TDs rushing.  I just don't see him having that kind of year.  I think the offense will be just as potent, if not more than last year, but there are too many options to run the ball, that I don't see the staff wanting him to take the hits he took last year.  Tebow won it under Meyer, but he was the main option in short yardage and Goal line situations, so he racked up a ton of TDs on the ground.  Our backfield is too loaded for the staff to call Millers number repeatedly at the Goal line.

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If Brax completes that pass late against TTUN his freshman season, this would be a completely different conversation. 

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It's not impossible, but he'd have to have a hell of a season this year.

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Troy was the best QB OSU has ever had. Braxton is gonna need to make massive leaps in his passing game to to it. 

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Winning the Natty, and maybe a Heisman. Troy had so many big wins, and epic games.



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Although Braxton is a very good QB. He lacks Troy's many signature moments, wins and charisma. Troy was not injury prone, never lost to UM, had a BCS bowl victory, earned a Heisman and because of JT's mentoring, exuded charisma. Let's face it, it really helps to when a Heisman if you have the "it" factor which causes the national media to take notice. Unfortunately, Brax just does not not have that going for himself. Nice kid, but way too bland. I agree with many of the other commenters that Brax will have to win a Heisman and a Nat. Championship just to pull even. Troy had so many signature wins and moments. Brax has only had one that we will all remember, the win against a Russell Wilson led Wiscy team. Frankly, at this point, Kenny G will probably be remembered more fondly than Brax. 

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If he brings the Championship home, I would say he's better than Troy in my mind, regardless of his Heisman status.

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lose to TTUN OR not win heisman? lesser.

beat TTUN and win heisman this season? equal.

win it all, regardless of heisman? exceed.

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If he wins a national championship and is invited to the Heisman, I say yes. That's a pretty high bar...

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To exceed Troy he:
Can't lose to tsun
Must have a signature win
Win the popularity contest in NY
Bring home #8.

Do these and it's a lock.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Basic sentiment, in which I tend to agree, is that right now, no, but if he has a Heisman campaign and wins the NCG this season, he can in fact jump Troy in Buckeye lore. It is awfully stringent criteria, which makes it an uphill battle, but if he can do that one thing that Troy was unable to finish off, he does it.

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I say yes for the simple reason Brax has a year left and I'm always hopeful that this year is our year. If he wins a Heisman he's equal to Troy. If he wins it all, he's better.

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I said yes.  He needs to win the big one.  Troy's poor performance in the big game leaves the door open for Braxton.  To be honest I'd take Krenzel over Troy to lead a team into a NCG.  If Braxton can lead this team to the big game and win along with everything he's done the past few years, then yes he surpasses Troy. 

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National Championship trumps all, and he would not have to win a Heisman. 

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I was just going to write this same thing til I saw your comment...Agreed. Win the NC, become the GOAT.

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