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What is your favorite (current) Big Ten road trip destination?



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Madison is a great environment.   Packed house, great bar scene, fans were friendly, rowdy but friendly. 

Ann Arbor is great for seeing wolverine tears!

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F*ck Michelin. I've been to many games there and the tailgate sucks. Period. And their fans are boorish. The University of Toledo has better tailgating than UM, IMHO.

If I could go to one away game, any choice, it would be @ Lincoln, Nebraska, where the fans act like human beings and tend not to throw urine bombs at opposing fans, like they do in Happy Valley, Pa. Plus the history of the NU program and all of the wonderful places to visit and sightsee after the game.(OK, kidding on the last part)



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Besides Ann Arbor because it's a putrid hellhole, Madison is almost always a high-pressure, high-intensity atmosphere. In other words, it's a great place to win.

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Northwestern. Love the ease of getting to downtown Chicago.

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Madison is one of my favorite cities in the country. Ann Arbor is fun for clowning dejected Michigan fans. 

Tough call, but I went with Madison, because to hell with Michigan.

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Other. My cousin's house who has a 60" and a good stock of craft beer.

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While Madison is a great place to see a game, I had to vote for Minneapolis, since that is like a home game for me.

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Not sure there's a better feeling than beating Penn State at Penn State. That campus and the back drop (mountains, vast woods) is honestly second to none in the B1G; like a venue out west.

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How about Indianapolis for the B1G Championship?

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I had a great time in Chicago although it's hard to consider Ryan Field an away venue.

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Madison is a fun city, but I had to vote for Minneapolis. For anyone that has yet to make it to TCF Bank stadium, it is worth the trip. That place is way too nice for those people that inhabit it. 

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Iowa City is very underrated. I had a great time when I saw OSU there back in 2010. 

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I've never been to Madison, but I would love to check it out. Same goes for Happy Valley. But since College Park is just a metro ride away, I vote Other.

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Not being sarcastic. This font undermines my sincerity.

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Madison is IMO the best road atmosphere in the league.

That being said there will always be a special place in my heart for Ohio State home games in Bloomington.