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What's your estimate for the spring game's attendance? (Forecast: 70s and sunny.)



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I hope all those that can make it will attempt to be there. Not very often you get great weather for the Spring Game (in Columbus) and its a nice pitstop in this long break from Fall Camp and the start of the season, so take advantage of it.

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South Stands are closed for renovations so attendance won't eclipse 85k


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I am taking the fam there this Saturday! I hope we have a full house and beat every other program (again) with our great showing to a spring game. nothing like packing the shoe and making it loud just to root the players on. love it. O-H

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Another way to ask would have been; will we have 4, 5 or 6 times as many fans at our spring game than did ttun (15k)?

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Michigan has the biggest stadium and can't get people to the spring game? Smh!!

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Aren't the south stand renovations keeping attendance from surpassing ~90k?

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given that as of yesterday (ie 3 days before the game itself), that they had only sold 26K tickets, and that people waiting until game day will have to pay $20 a head I think it is possible they don't even draw 50K, I voted for 50-60K but honestly think that increasing the ticket prices on game day purchase from $5 in 2008 to $20 in 2014 ie 400% in 6 years is going to keep some folks home

add that you can watch the game from home on the BTN and I think the days of 80K plus are a thing of the past

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I think 50k will be easy. Don't forget, they always seem to inflate the attendance number over what actually seems to be there. 

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Maybe if the university would stop charging more than $5 they would sell it out. This is just a practice. 

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Probably 50k or so. No Braxton, no massive championship hype this year, all on top of crazy high prices. 

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Great weather, a #6 preseason ranking, and consecutive top recruiting classes should get us over 60K. Anything less embarrassing imo. People hold these players to an incredibly high standard, least they could do is show up to a spring game, yes i realize tickets are $20.

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Oh it's $20 on game day now?  Damn.  I voted for 91-106K, I might have gone with the next one down if I knew that.

But seriously, two years ago it was low 40s and rain and the game drew 80,000 or something like that if I can recall.  This game will draw 80,000 at least even with the more expensive game day prices.

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2 years ago there was hype because Urban was just hired. 

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not sure...increased ticket prices are not helping things.  I voted for about 60k