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Which three-star player will have the most successful OSU career?



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"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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Thought Hubbard as I read down the list but voted Nuernberger since I think he starts from Day one and is 400/400 in PATs and 4/4 in FGs over his career !!

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I too picked Nuernberger for the ability to start day 1 and to stay all 4 years.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

+1 HS
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Nice, love those numbers lol

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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I think he'll have a bigger impact over Neurnberger when it's all said and done.

I don't consider Hubbard a three star.

Tough question.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Agreed about Hubbard being rated low.  The star rating "system" is pretty subjective.

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Yeah, he will be another John Simon type player (but will be drafted in first round). I heard his SPARQ rating was crazy high. Heard is also runs a 4.4 40! Dude should be a beast for years to come..

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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You know they talk about guys who can cover sideline to sideline and here you've got a rangy 6'6" 225 lb Linebacker who can do just that and he's rated 3 stars? Did he get the "we hate everything Ohio State" treatment from the scouting sources or what?

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Agree with Hovenaut that having Hubbard listed as a 3* is ridiculous (not for 11W, for whichever ranking site didn't do their homework).  Voted for Nuernberger, as I think he makes an immediate impact this year and leaves OSU in the top 4 of career scoring leaders....not setting the bar high, am I?

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I'm going with Slade. Four years from now I can see announcers falling all over themselves to talk about how the new all-time sack leader was the last player to commit and almost wasn't in this class, etc.

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Slade only because of LJ putting in work as his d line coach. LJ rotates a lot of d lineman. With the talent at lb I'm not sure when or if Hubbard will play alot to maybe his 4th or 5th year. People forget we stay in the nickel alot and we 6 fr lb next year. Hubbard, Booker, Burger, McMillian, Mitchell, and Lee will all be fr this year and maybe one will start are the others are just trying to be in the two deep. Hubbard has a tough climb his whole career for pt.

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Is Hubbard a 3 star?  I thought he was a 5 star on Scout and pretty highly rated on other sites as well?

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For the purposes of the poll, I listed a guy as a 3-star if at least 2 of the 4 services had him as a three-star.

Hubbard was a bit of an outlier because Scout had him as a five-star (24/7 had him as a four-star) with both ESPN and Rivals labeling him a three-star.

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I voted Hubbard just because this staff seems to have a better record with un-heralded linebackers than the guys the recruitment services go crazy over.

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Da Kicka. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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I would say Hubbard, but even the highly ranked LB's have a hard time panning out so I am not as confident until he gets to OSU. I really believe one the OL will surprise and step up.

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I voted Hubbard but he isn't a 3*. I didn't go the kicker rout, but believe he'll have an early and ongoing impact the next few years. I'm really looking forward to Thompson & Slade. I think there's some real potential there, and more than just a role player type of impact. Thompson has been getting more and more of my attention lately.

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I voted Dylan, there's just something about him that makes me think that he's going to do great things here (not that others aren't).  I thought about Slade for a minute thinking that he could be our next Jamal Marcus.  Dylan just looks like he has that "I'm here to chew bubble gum  and kick ass....I'm all out of bubble gum" look.

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Hubbard is criminally underrated. If he had just been focusing on football, he'd have been 5 star everywhere.

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Maybe a blessing in disguise. Other schools could of came in and tried to pluck him from us, and he also could get a little conceited over the whole "5 star" rating... Now he goes out and proves them all wrong!

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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I took the easy route and chose the kicker. Huge leg and most likely starting as a true fresh from the get go. I think he ends up being in the top 5 all time Buckeye scoring leaders by the time he leaves the school.

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Hard to say when all we have is potential at this point.  I voted Slade because of gut feeling.  I honestly think every one of the names in this poll have the potential as impact players, and would not be shocked to see all of them make a mark in a positive way. 

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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All of the above since they are going to win a national championship :).  (Note:  I typed out BCS championship several times before getting it right.)

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I voted Brady Taylor.  He's my sleeper pick, Meyer mentioned him in the press conference but nobody else is really talking about him. 

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I read the whole article with 10tv (or one of those news channels) and LOVED it. He is a health freak and wants to be a dietitian. So you know he takes care of his body and has a good head on his shoulders (hard work to stay that dedicated). I also have very high hopes for him, so this was a very tough poll.

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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I say Taylor, just because I think he will benefit most from the position coaching.

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Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.........ernberger (channeling Nugent here)

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I think Taylor and Thompson have a lot of potential.   Voted Thompson.

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picked Taylor(Has that IT factor) only because Hubbs isn't a three star.

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I picked Slade because of LJ Sr. and because the kid set the record for sacks in the state of NJ. 

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I didn't pick Hubbard because hes a 5 star on scout so I feel like its too obvious, I went with Taylor for a couple reasons......good measurables, what I read about his work ethic and what being a buckeye means to him.....if there is one guy in this class who won't take anything for granted its him based on the way his recruitment went


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Kind of a loaded question-- Stacked completely in Hubbard's favor. Of the 'true' 3 stars, I'd take Thompson.

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Won't pick Hubbard because I don't think he is a true 3 star. He won't come off the field because we can drop him in coverage or line him up as a speed rush off the edge. His versatility is unfathomable.
I am going to go with Thompson. Simon-esque work ethic, huge leadership potential, and plays mean.