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Which former Buckeye is the best national media personality?



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It's early, but I think Herbie will hold onto the lead.It could be interesting to check back later and see how the numbers change....

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I don't mind Herbie as much as many on here, although he can rub me the wrong way sometimes. It was a tossup between Eddie and CC for me, but I went with CC b/c I love how blunt he is. He's never afraid to speak his mind, and it was funny as hell listening to him tear into Seattle's WRs after they took offense to what he said about them with Harvin not playing.

Smith is pretty bland, but I also don't mind listening to JJ and Special K either for hoops.

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I agree.  I think CC offers a confidence and humor to his usually intelligent commentary and analysis that is lacking for Herbie and Eddie.  Herbie occasionally gets on my nerves, though he's clearly the biggest brand of these names in the business and likely earns more criticism on a daily basis than all of the other folks combined.

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Clark Kellog

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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I enjoy listening to Spiels call a game. Clark is good at basketball. I like CC also. I had to vote other to recognize Spiels and Clark.

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voted other for Spiels…Herbie sucks. 

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Can't believe Herbie is in the lead... It's early, I guess.

I went with Eddie. I don't know how anyone could not vote for him after this.

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I voted for Eddie too. I love the Buckeye shorts on the outside of his jeans. I wonder if it's a tradition to watch every game with them on.

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Joey Galloway!! Just kidding. 

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Bias, but Eddie by a mile! Not cracking on any of them by stating it, it's just my opinion of Eddie is nothing but absolute class. On and off the field.

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How was Spielman not included in this list?  I voted "other".

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Other, cause Spiels, duh!

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Edit: surprised to see Robert Smith didn't get more votes. Of those listed anyway, I feel like he does a great job of analysis while still being unbiased.

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Speils + Kellogg > everyone else in the poll combined.

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I voted for Other for Chris Spielman.

Go Bucks!!

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Love March Madness with Clark Kellogg!!


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Speilman and Eddie

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Spiels. My favorite for calling a game. 

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Spielman as my 'other' vote. How is he not on this list???

Football is complicated...

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liked most of he choices - but for some reason R Smith stands out to me.  Actually, I would have voted all of theabove except one

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I voted for Eddie because of his love for tOSU. But you can't argue with the exposer that Herbstriet gives the university, even though many around these parts don't like him. I just couldn't vote for him over Eddie. Jim Jackson could have been on the list too.



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Didn't blink, chose CC.

With a closer look, I don't get to see much of Eddie and Robert Smith. The complete opposite regarding Herbstreit.

Spielman is one of the better football color commentators out there - college or pro, imo.

Watching pro ball is tough, CC has been consistent enough over the years to garner my choice.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Damn, I read that as best known personality.  BEST, I would have gone with CC or Eddie.

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It's crazy how many talented broadcasters came from OSU. My top 10 is:

1.Kirk Herbstreit

2.Robert Smith 

3.Eddie George

4.Cris Carter

5.Chris Speilman

6.Clark Kellog

7.Bob Knight

8.Jim Jackson

9.Urban Meyer

10.Joey Galloway


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I can't believe that you guys are forgetting the legendary Shane Falco! 

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