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Is Carlos Hyde one of the top five running backs in Ohio State History?



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Keith Byars
Hyde is stellar and full of heart, and it is not a sign of disrespect to say he isn't on the top five list.  The top 5 list is just full of win.

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I agree with Archie, Eddie, Byars, Janowicz and Cassady but although his one season was stellar, Clarett was only a Buckeye for one, injury filled season. I can't put him ahead of Hyde.

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A big reason why this team set a new all-time consecutive win mark, I voted yes.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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The ones I seen in person, Vic, Hop, Arch, Keith, Eddie, and Mo were better. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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tied for 5th, maybe.  Even I don't remember Vic, but the 3 (4) Heisman winners, Byars and a three-way tie for 5th (MC, Hyde and Otis)  One of my favorites (Tim Spencer) is on the outside looking in with Beanie

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Any OSU list of running back greats has to start with Archie, and then you have to include the other Heisman trophy winning RBs, Eddie, Hopalong Cassady, and Vic Janowicz – so there’s really only one spot left, in over a hundred years of storied Ohio State football. To say he doesn’t beat out Keith Byars, who was Carlos Hyde before Carlos was El Guapo, or maybe another Buckeye great is no disrespect!! We have been very blessed with great talent over a long time!

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TMAC, agree with your top five.... A few of my outside looking in that havent been mentioned Robert Smith, John Brockington, Jeff Logan, Leo Hayden and Carlos Snow

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...Raymont Harris

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I'm SMDH over the lack of love for Beanie in this thread. Hilarious.

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Beanie never lived up to his potential because of injuries.  He loses points in my book when he can't be relied on week in and week out to be healthy, regardless of whether it is his fault or not.

Time and change will surely show how firm they friendship... O-HI-O.

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Maybe it's just me, but I get the feeling Beanie's disappointing pro career is coloring people's perceptions of his college career. Don't remember him missing more than one or two games during his whole career. Granted one of those games was the USC game, but still far from unreliable on a week to week basis.

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Beanie missed no more games in his OSU career due to injury than Hyde. (This was extensively covered in a different thread during the season.)

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Maybe so, but he ran like he was hurt in several games.  He often seemed to be less than 100%, having "nagging injuries" like the problems he had with his feet. 
When Carlos was in the games he was hitting holes with reckless abandon.  

Time and change will surely show how firm they friendship... O-HI-O.

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Tmac - perfectly stated - the 4 Heisman winners leave 1 spot... Byers or Guapo - tough choice, but NO WAY to the folks who would submit Mo C is in top 5 over Byers or Guapo  - 1 season cannot overcome the production of Byers & Hyde's 4. Especially when the question is qualified by ALL - time great - which infers career... I may vote different for greatest single season for a RB.

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He had a very nice 10 game season this year, but not one of the 5 best seasons of all time, let alone one of the best careers of all time. Love me some El Guapo though.

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speaking in terms of the modern era of fball which most consider to be 1970 and later...YES. i have great respect for the players prior to 1970 but when u go back too far the game changes waaay too much to even compare it to present day.
my top 5 modern era rb's are:
1. archie
3.robert smith clarett
5. hyde and byars and chris wells and raymont harris in a 4 way tie. hey its possible!

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NO WAY Mo C or Smith are ahead of Byers!!!

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Emotionally I said "YES!!!" but logically I said there have been SO many great running backs at Ohio State, many of whom have been mentioned above, that I'm not sure we can empirically say he's one of the top 5 in that vaunted pantheon.

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Agree. He gave SO much this year. And I think it would be fair to say if they would've called his number more (many games where it was deserved, especially in the first half), he would've put up bigger numbers. But those other guys were stellar 2+ seasons plus. So emotionally yes. Ask me in a year, I'd say no.

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Keith Byars's 1984 season was top flight.  336 carries for 1,764 yards 22 tds with 42 receptions for 479 yards and 2 tds.  The year prior, Byars had 1,199 yards rushing with 20 tds and 23 catches for 359 yards and 1 td.
Byars 2 year span yielded 2,963 yards rushing with 42 tds and 65 receptions for 838 yards and 3 tds......  not too shabby.  Byars, though similar build as Hyde, might have ad an extra gear, in terms of top end speed.
Both fantastic.
My thing with Hyde, in terms of a top 5 list, is seeing that Jordan Hall and Elliot all had impressive production behind this years offensive line, just not the attempts.  No way of truly knowing who's best, realizing different years, teams, styles, opponents....etc.  Fun to discuss though.

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It's interesting to see the change in attitude towards El Guapo from this summer to now. I've been a big fan of him since he arrived in Columbus.   He's got big shoes to fill. I just hope EzE is up to the task.



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I have him at about #7, which is great considering all the amazing RBs we've had over the years.

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Interesting that the poll is 80% yes, but the comments are predominantly no.  I quickly thought of 5 I thought were better.  Love what he did this year, but not top 5.  Also, factor in the advantage Carlos had with such a solid O-line, and such a productive system.  So, it takes away some from his stats. 
Take a look at what Jordan Hall was able to do, makes Carlos look less spectacular by comparison. 


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El Guapo missed three games--actually, he essentially missed four.  Imagine his stats had he played against the likes of FAMU and SDSU.

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This is why I voted yes. With those 3 (4 really) games, he racks up 1700 maybe even up to 2000 yards & would have made a very serious push for the Heisman. Because I am thinking of what could have been - I definitely put him in the top 5. I see it as follows:
Archie, Eddie,  Keith, Carlos, Beanie & Mo C. tied @5th.
I realize guys like Cassady & Janovic are greats, but I also look at the speed & power of the modern game & just think Byars, Hyde, Beanie, & Mo C. were better suited for it & therefore have them ahead of those 2. It's all subjective & there's no right or wrong answer.

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True he missed 3 games.  Remind yourself why he missed those games.  He brought discredit to the team due to his reaction to the girl.  I strongly disagree with the idea of extrapolating his stats.  He didn't play those games for a reason. 


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I mean, if we are going to rate players by using our imagination, why not imagine and count Maurice's sophomore and junior seasons, or if Beanie had been healthy for that USC game?

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Those aren't even close to being the same.  Hyde was fully ready to play and subjectively sat by his coach.  He broke no rules.  There is no comparison to the Clarett mess or being injured. 
Considering the competition in the games he missed, you could project some pretty lofty numbers.

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Do you really think he broke no rules? I think it's pretty clear his head coach's rule is be respectful to women - he failed to live up to that standard and paid the price.

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I realize guys like Cassady & Janovic are greats, but I also look at the speed & power of the modern game & just think Byars, Hyde, Beanie, & Mo C. were better suited for it & therefore have them ahead of those 2. It's all subjective & there's no right or wrong answer.

Johnny Manziel was a 190 pound kid out of high school, running a 4.7 40 yard dash, and he was able to rush for 1410 yards and 21 TDs last year.  A year on a college campus to get acclimated to diet and system and who knows how history's athletes would transition to today's game.

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Like I said, it's my opinion. Maybe those guys would have excelled, and I have all the respect in the world for them. They may have killed it, but I just have a few guys ahead of them, I could be wrong.
As for 741 above, I'm not here to argue with anyone. Comparing Mo C's non existent sophomore year to a year in which Hyde sat 3 games & most of a fourth & still is nearing 1400 yards, I personally do believe it's fair to extrapolate that Hyde is a great back & could have done big things...hell, he did some big things. My opinion only. Subjective.

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True--but this post is about Hyde as a running back, not a person.  Mo broke NCAA rules and possibly cost us another national championship, but he's still considered one of tOSU's best.  Also, Hyde grew a ton as a person.  Still, when you consider his play as a running back, it's hard to say he's not one of the best.  Maybe not top 5--but pretty darn close!

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Um, Chic Harley??? And if you want to count a fullback as a "running back" then you have to have Pete Johnson. As great as Hyde is, he might not make the top ten at OSU.

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Seriously. Harley may have done more for tOSU football than any other single player.

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The last 20 years or so, yes.
All time, no, but top 10.

Long live the southend.

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Pretty much my opinion as well.  He is a GREAT back and I am thrilled to have him.  No shame in being a top 10 RB as OSU!

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After reading many arguments, El Gaupo will be in my top 10 next year even though I voted top 5 this year. He is still one of my favorite Buckeyes of all time.

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Now, if the question becomes how he might compare to other buckeye RB's in the NFL that would be something quite different (obviously).  George and Byars had great NFL careers as well as Robert Smith.  I think Hyde has the potential to be a really solid NFL back, although RB's are featured less in the NFL these days.  Incredible how durable George and Byars were if you think about it, almost unheard of in today's game.

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of course not. everyone knows the 4 heisman winners are the top 4 at the moment.
and i take beanie over hyde. two major reasons:

  • beanie had more yards in 2007 when he CARRIED the team to the national championship game
  • hyde had a much better line and Braxton way better than Boeckmann. it also helped that braxton delayed the defense with his running.

now i am not saying Hyde isnt great and wont have a better pro career, but beanie is the fifth best compared to hyde, if not someone else.

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That's fair, but I would reply that Hyde was possibly deprived a shot of carrying the team to an NC this year...

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Wow, the results of this poll kind of shocked me.  You guys must be in the Christmas spirit because you're being awfully generous. ;)

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My top 10:
1. Archie
2. Eddie George
3. Janowicz
4. Cassady
5. Byars
6. Beanie
7. Hyde
8. Clarett (would be higher if he had played more than one season and wasn't injured throughout)
9. Otis
10. Harris

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Almost 8 yds a 5 without a doubt....give carlos the ball on  1/3/2014, no way we lose...GO BUCKS...Hey still suck

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Jordan Hall had 150+ yards in two games this season and how many did Braxton have? Sprinkle in the fact that Guiton almost had a hundred against Cal. and Elliot went wild against A&M. So that's 4 players that went over a 100 yards this year and one who was a few yards short. Hyde is a great tOSU back but has run behind one of the most dominating olines tOSU has had in years. I honestly think Beanie and Mo C would walked home with the Heisman behind this oline.

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Why does nobody have Lydell Ross on their list??!!

Because we couldn't go for three!!!

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To be a top 5 back you have to have more than 1.5 seasons of consistent play. It's not necessarily a knock on Hyde; he had to grow up and sometimes the coaching staff just didn't give him opportunities (although part of the reason was probably said immaturity at times). 
To be a top 5 means you're an all-time great. I don't see all-time great when I see Hyde. 
Let's not be prisoners of the moment

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Look, I'm not even 30, so I don't know how valid my response will be, seeing as I've only seen a handful of the backs mentioned actually play.
That being said, I'll put him in a 4-way tie for fifth if I have to. The guy "carried his team" just as much as Beanie did in 2007, with the exception of the fact that the 2007 team had a waaaaaay better defense. Seeing a back consistently get 7-10 burly-ass ypc the way El Guapo does is a different kind of exciting, and I'm going to miss it dearly. 

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When you consider the history of Ohio State Football.
Heisman winners are ahead of Carlos.
1. Archie
2. Eddie
3. Vic Janowicz
4. Howard Hopalong Casady
5. Chic Harley
6. Keith Byars
7. Beanie Wells
This is so subjective.  I think we all have to agree on #1, beyond that you can rotate them as you like. Clarett shouldn't be on the list because his time at TOSU was one season. However, it comes down to what you remember and memory is not always clear or concise. Not having Hyde on the list isn't a dig at Carlos it is a testament to how good our running backs have been over the last century.

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What was the final count of runs for loss or no gain by Hyde this year?

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I really think that's more of a stat for the offensive line.  If he doesn't get hit behind or at the line, he can't go down for a loss.

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GREAT year, all things considered...but when you're talking all time at have to go back further than 50 years.  If you go to the archives on the official site, the Legends & Greatest page lists the following RBs:
Archie, Byars, Hop, Eddie, Chic Harley, Les Horvath (QB &RB) Janowicz, Pete Johnson, & Dick LeBeau (DB & RB).
In addition, the following RBs were AA:
Stinchcomb, Karow, Hinchman, Scott, Sarringhaus, Cline, Bob White, Bob Ferguson, Otis, Brockington.
Great back, great year & even career (2,944 yd on 474 carries, 6.2 YPC)...but not even AA...Good, HEKK yeah, Great?  maybe... but in consideration for GOAT?  I don't think so.


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Archie, Eddie, Byars, Pete Johnson, Robert Smith
Pete still hold the rushing touchdown record both season and career.
I remember the whole Stadium chanting, Pete,Pete! The other team knew he would get the ball, and they still could not stop him.

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Archie, Eddie, Carlos, Bob Ferguson, and Byars. In that order. Clarret was good but the 02 D and Craig Krenzel meant as much to that team as Maurice did (That's why they won it all, they were more a complete team, Eddie, Archie, and Byars have great individual records. Bob Ferugson should've been the first American of African descent to win the Heisman and lead his team to a National Title and would've won the Rose Bowl if given the chance. Carlos has just been the player that's carried us the most to 24 straight wins.

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