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Which individual performed the best against Northwestern (non-Hyde division)?



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Joey Bosa. Kid is a stud.

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BULL RUSH...  BOSA RUSH!  Kid has a very powerful and decisive initial impact with the offensive lineman.  Very good natural Football Instincts as well.  Go Buckeyes!

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My vote went to Bosa.  I've referred to him as "John Simon like" recently.  However, he's playing like Simon did when he was a senior and he's only a freshman!  I'm excited about his future.

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Joey Bosa is better than Simon as a freshman.  I'm only referring to on field activity but the guy is a beast very versatile.  I was mocked earlier in the year for saying he was our best dlineman, now I don't think too many would argue with me.  I love simon but Bosa is better than advertised and he had a lot of hype.

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I would definitely argue that Michael Bennett is better, as he has been ridiculous the past couple games at shedding blocks. Noah Spence may be a better pass rusher, but Bosa has been excellent all around. Honestly, I don't know if it matters. The defensive line as a whole this year has been outstanding.

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Bennett would be  my #2 and has impressed me a lot.  I agree that it doesn't matter, I guess I just feel like people haven't appreciated what Bosa has done.  I've been watching OSU football since the mid 90's and I don't recall any freshman D-Lineman having such an impact.
With that said your last point is the one that matters.  After the last 2 weeks I have absolutely no concern with our D-Line.  They are getting tons of pressure which they didn't do last year and they are still stopping the run.
Remember last year the D-Line was billed as one of the best in the country and ended up being "just" above average.  This year's was a concern coming in but I haven't seen any D-Line play better this year.  They are a very strong and deep unit.  The emergence of Chris Carter and Steve Miller has been realy helpful as well.  It's nice to have 5* guys like Miller coming off the bench!

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with due respect, Michael B is playing like a man possessed

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Bosa as well.

Didn't see his stat line, and disregarding the td, but he was in their backfield all night it seemed.

HM shout outs to Mike Bennett and Philly Brown.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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5 tackles (4 solo, 1 assist), 2 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, fumble recovery, touchdown.
Joey Bosa, Destroyer of Worlds. Kid is good, folks and he is only going to get better. This D-line is growing scarier and scarier each week.

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Thanks OHD.

Bosa has had a phenomenal start to his college career. Should he stay healthy, and stay four years, I think he could challenge the OSU career sack record of 36.

The record holder?

Mike Vrabel.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Bennett is an effort freak.

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Could you imagine if clowney had bennet's or bosa's will? 

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Michael fucking Bennett

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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Bennett got my vote as well. The dude was blowing up the N'western O-line on most every play. Much like Big Hank did last year.
There are a lot of similarities between Bennett/Bosa and Hankins/Simon from last year.



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Cameron Johnston....He did a great job kicking the ball last night.

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I voted Bosa.
If I could have ranked them, they all would have gotten some love, but Braxton would have gotten the least love - I would have gone to his backup; if Meyer was serious that Kenny earned some playing time, this would have been the game to use him, and he would have helped for sure.  IMHO there is a personal issue between Kenny G and his head coach somehow.  I say this based on history and based on the fact that Miller was a turnover machine last night and yet stayed in the game.
The punts were HUGE.  Bennett more than held his own.  
Like I said, some love for all, including "other".
Hard to choose just one.  

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I thought Miller played well last night, with the exception of the fumbles. Besides that though, he consistently led Ohio State down the field into Northwestern territory. I don't know if Kenny G would have changed that. All Braxton had to do was to cut down the turnovers, and he did. There was no reason to put Guiton in the game.

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Are you serious?? Braxton still continues to make predetermined reads and missed out on some very obvious reads. The fumbles hurt us big time and the overthrown TD pass was just ridiculous...

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I am absolutely serious. Yes, Braxton made some bad reads last night, be he also made several good ones. He has never been particularly strong in that area, but it didn't hurt the Buckeyes that much. I never really saw a read that he missed that completely killed a drive. The only thing that he did that killed drives was his two fumbles. The overthrown touchdown was bad, but it happens. I didn't expect every one of the 25 throws he made to be perfect. With that said, it was a terrible throw. He got too excited.

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The first fumble was a missed read.  He missed 3 other reads I believe and that turns 2nd and short or 1st and 10 into 2nd and 12 or worse (such as a fumble).  We could've pounded Hyde and hit a few play action passes and won more easily.  I don't think you go to Guiton but Braxton had a terrible game.  Hyde/O-line were winning their battles.

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By the way, how is Hyde not listed as a choice on this poll?

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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Because he would be the most obvious #1 choice and it wouldn't have been close. They're trying to get you to think Scarlet. ;)



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Hence (non-Hyde division)

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Would have voted Bosa but Desmond Howard straight up calling Barnett out as a chump on Gameday...and how solid Barnett played, had to to give him the nod. He is underrated.

Ahhh, the smell of Chris Spielman's Dirty Socks...

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Didn't see what Desmond said. Barnett struggles in coverage at times, but he's a beast in run support. 

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Michael Bennett and Joey Bosa were just blowing up the NW O-Line the whole 2nd half. Noah Spence too.

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Tough decision between bennet and bosa- I'm just glad our d line is as good as they are. I was worried about it before the season began

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Ummm why is Braxton even on this list???? The dude played TERRIBLE!!

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I would not call it Terrible but I would not call it good either.   I think he grew up in the second half.   First half and first drive in the second half were terrible but I don't know if something clicked or what but in the end he starting playing like a QB rather than a running back.   I hope his dump off's to Hyde and his pull up throw to Phiily are indications that he is becoming that QB first and runner second we have heard about.

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Michael Bosa? Joey Bennett?? Can't decide...

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I didn't know Beth Mowins had an account here.

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I had to vote Bennett here.  Bennett and Bosa both played like men possessed but Bennett just seemed to blow up so many plays.  He gets to the QB so fast that he sometimes over runs it and goes past him.  This is something you usually see from a DE, but it's incredible that DT is getting in the backfield that fast.

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I had to throw in an 'other' vote to give a little respect to the under-the-radar performance of Philly Brown. First 100 yard receiving game of his career if I read correctly. 

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Curtis Grant was the worst on the list. 

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2.Joey B
3.Jamal Marcus
Dline was in beast mode the entire 2nd half.

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I vote for the entire Offensive Line

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I can't believe that no one is giving C.J. Barnett any love. His tackling was ABSURDLY good. One of the best performances I've seen from a safety at any level in year. 

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Voted for Bosa.  He had some constant pressure the whole game.  Had some big sacks and tackles for us!  He got my vote. 

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Bosa was great last night, but unless i'm mistaken Bennett was playing through an injury. I know I saw him early on drop his arm to his side after a play looking to be in a lot of pain and still he was regularly busting up plays.

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If Bennett sticks around for his Sr year, we could have something really special on the D-Line...

What we can't do in the air we'll do on the ground.

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Bosa. Nice to see someone from Aquinas actually giving us production unlike a certain "King of FIFA"

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