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Does Ohio State (-29.5) cover on Saturday?



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Yes. This time they cover. Mark it dude...

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I'm betting juniors college fund!

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Gonna have to see a lot more out of them to think they can beat anyone by 30 at this point.

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they won by 20 last week... i'm sure after a butt chewing by urban they'll be able to squueze out an extra 10 points 

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Do they ever cover at home? I'd actually like to see this stat. Seriously, does anyone know cuz I know it's rare.

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I'm sure they won't let off the gas this time on either side of the ball.

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SDSU cuts down on its turnovers and improves its 3rd down %.  OSU wants to play a little more vanilla going into the Cal game.  OSU wins 37-13.

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Upvote to you for saying OSU will win. 

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I said that they wouldn't cover in last week's poll. I blame myself. Therefore, by superstitious fan logic, by me voting that they will cover, its a lock!
Feel safe to lay down the mortgage payment on this one boys!

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For some reason, SDSU always plays OSU tough, so I'm going with No. OSU 37-17.

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I'm saying yes simply because Roby and Barnett are back to keep the aztecs from scoring.

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You better believe Urban the master motivator made sure the whole team knows they dropped in the polls due to their lack luster 3 quarters of football last week. The Buckeyes start strong and finish strong, running away with this game. Every style point counts this year!!

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I think Urban is going to push the offense to play 60 minutes, and I don't think a SDSU team that gave up 40 to EIU is going to hold the Buckeyes to a lower total.  On the other side of the football, I see the Buckeyes taking better care of the football this week, and not giving up a cheap 13 points the way they did to Buffalo.  The return of Roby and Barnett, a full 60 from Shazier, and a little chip on the shoulder from the previous week, and I think the Silver Bullets give up one TD at the most.  Buckeyes cover, 45-13.

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sdsu is better than buffalo. i have to take sdsu in this one

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

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People expected them to be better than Buffalo, but last week's result against EIU is hard to excuse.  I suppose that they'll play better this week, but I don't see a difference maker on SDSU that can compare to Mack who pretty much single-handedly kept Buffalo in that game.  The Muema is supposed to be a good RB, but he's coming off an injury and we kept a good one in check last week.
I think this game comes down to effort.  This is easily the biggest game of the year for SDSU and I expect them to play like it.  If the Buckeyes can match, or exceed, the Aztec's effort we win big.  If not, we can expect another ulcer.  I have faith that Buckeyes take the game seriously, and look to make a point this week that they belong in the NCG discussion.

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The defense gets Roby and Barnett back, which will be huge for the secondary in terms of experience and what the staff can and will do schematically.  If the offense cleans up some of their sloppiness from last week that put the defense in some bad positions, then OSU covers.  The pick 6 and going for it on 4th and 1 near midfield set up 13 of Buffalo's 20 points last week.  Of course, 40-7 still wouldn't have quite covered the spread the last week, but it would this week. 

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After getting complacent last week, I don't think Urban is going to let that happen again.  Plus with getting Roby, Barnett, and Smith back, I'd say we cover.   

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Yeah, we gonna be angry and a little more consistent. 

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OSU needs to be at full strength to cover these wide point spreads.  It seems that neither Vegas nor the AP voters are taking this into account.  Get Hyde back in the mix and we are at full strength.  Yes, I think that makes a difference.  

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I'm betting my life savings $1 on the Bucks covering!  C'mon, mama needs a new pair of shoes....make that flip flops!   Go Bucks!