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Which of these Buckeyes is least likely to be named a First Team All-American?



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That was a tough question. I picked Roby only because we don't know if he is in trouble or not. 

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I had to pick Roby, only because we dont know how much time, if any, he will miss this season.

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I'm keeping hope out that Roby will just miss a game or two.  I think Shazier has the strongest chance of making it.  Braxton is great, but the QB position is one of the hardest to make 1st team AA, so I went with him. 
Hopefully all 3 of them make it then this question becomes irrelevant!
Go Bucks!!

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I fear the bias against the B1G and Ohio State's schedule will be used against Braxton Miller, in 2013. He may not get his due, until his senior year - were he to return.

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Granted I haven't seen a single play ran by the 2013 Braxton, but still, IMO he is going to need a couple more years under his belt before he can even consider playing QB in the NFL...unless he has made a dramatic improvement coming into this year with his reads, vision, and decision making.  Braxton is one of my favorite Buckeyes ever, but as far as an "All American QB", I don't think it would be the B1G bias that would hold him back.  As fans, we are lucky if this is the general consensus as well, as we could get him back for another season.
I could see him winning the Heisman this year and not being an AA first-teamer.  I hope he proves me to look stupid this season, because I know he has the arm, it's just a matter of the game/field slowing down for him. 

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I have a feeling Roby wont have enough of a sample size to even be eligible. I hope I'm wrong...

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Even though Roby and Shazier face their own respective challenges (be it off or on field), Brax has some tough competition at QB.....Bridgewater, Murray, Boyd, D-bag, etc.

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D-bag lol....I wonder who that is in reference to........

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McCryin' too. They'll probably hype up his average self this season.

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i picked Roby b/c of the questionable length of suspension due to him. As soon as I picked though, I realized I should have picked Braxton. As great as he is, there will be some pocket passer that puts up ridiculous yds that will prob get the nod.

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i picked roby because i still believe he will miss a minimum of 2 games.  B. Miller will have a tough run at it with Manziel, Bridgewater, McCarron, etc.  I think Shazier will have the best chance

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I thought this said "most likely" and picked Shazier.  Negations are hard poll writers.

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I did the same thing. Read it too fast and picked Shazier for "most likely." I'd have gone with Braxton if I read it right. 

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I thought the question was a typo. Least likely? Hmmm.....they all are likely.

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Yeah, let's get positive here ... 3 weeks!!!

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I picked Braxton as least likely for 1st team.  All 3 of them have a chance at it, though, IMHO.

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I also picked Roby because he may get some of the 'Deion Sanders' treatment by opponents. Coaches would game plan to ensure he was not the CB covering the first read for plays, and given the competition the rest of the B1G is used to playing against, we may see the same 'avoidance' and limit Roby's opportunities for big plays.

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I picked Braxton because, to this point, he has been a run first QB and competing against pass first QBs he may not be the "best" in the nation. Also, on an all American team there are two CBs and three LBs but only one QB. That screws things in favor of Roby  and RDS.

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I don't like this question. I went with roby cause of the suspension plus I think if we have the national championship type caliber season I think we're gonna have Braxton is gonna have to have an epic season and so is shazier cause the lbs are unproven besides him. Roby could miss time with suspension and the secondary is pretty deep so some of those guys might steal some picks from him. Hopefully all 3 are 1st teamers and holding a crystal ball at the end but what do I know

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Braxton has the stiffest challenge. Only one quarterback makes first team. 

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I love Braxton as a QB but there other great QBs in college football and they will put up bigger numbers and pass him up (Manziel, Mariotta, Bridgewater). But remember, it doesn't matter how many All-Americans you have, it's how many wins.

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Braxton may win the Heisman.  He is on the Manning and Maxwell watch lists.  
Shazier has been named to 2013 Butkus, Lombardi, Bednarik, and Nagurski Award Watch Lists as well as pre-season 1st team All-American by S.I.  Ohio State is the legitimate Linebacker U.
Roby has been named to 2013 Lott, Thorpe, Bednarik, and Nagurski Award Watch Lists as well as pre-season 1st team All-American by S.I.
On the surface it appears Braxton has his work cut out for him.  However, year 2 in this offense and the new recruits have led us to believe our offense is amp'd up.  Braxton may have to win the Heisman to be 1st team All-American, but  I believe when tOSU holds up the Crystal, Braxton will have already won that trophy.
Shazier has the ability, but much of his success will depend on his supporting cast.  The inexperience of the D-Line and other LB's will make or break Shazier's chances. As a freshman, Katzemnoyer vaulted to the top thanks to the cast of Garnett, Finkes, Vrabel, Bellisari and Miller.  Shazier is in a similar place with predisposed notoriety (watch lists) Spence, Washington, Grant, Perry along with freshmen Bosa, Johnson and Mitchell.  The only thing in Shazier's way is Mitchell becoming Katzenmoyer.
Roby had a lot going for him, probably the most likely DB to become 1st team AA.  He came back to school to finish strong, much like Doss.  Gotta love that.  But, poor decisions off the field will make it difficult for the voters to give him love votes.  I say this bad mark will make it more difficult for Roby than Shazier or Miller to make the 1st team, even though he was penciled in for this honor pre-season.

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