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How many passing yards do you expect Braxton Miller to throw for in 2013?



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3k to 3499.

No reason why the pass game can't take off to compliment the ground attack. The receivers are better and more experienced, and Brax sure sounds like he's put in the effort this offseason.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I'm hoping Brax is playing fewer 4th quarters against at least 1/2 our schedule......and so just under 3K....efffecient! 

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Good point....I'm cool with that.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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It's all about the YAC. 
If Brax shows better short accuracy, his completion percent will improve and there will be a minor jump in yardage from last year. 
If Brax shows improved accuracy AND the receivers show better ability to get YAC, there will be a major jump in yardage.
It isn't all on Brax's development.

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I envy the optimism of people who voted for 4000+ yards. My imagination is runnig wild and I'm picturing Braxton getting into Case Keenum territory.
/fans self

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No way he'll be in Case Keenum terrority. Keenum threw for 5,631 yards in 2011 with 57 TDs. You would have to throw every single down to get those numbers and Braxton can't throw as well as Keenum. We are a running offense.


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I had a NIGHTMARE about this last night.  I dreamed that Braxton was still on the same passing level as his freshman year.  It wasn't good.  Hopefully that isn't reality at all.

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My predictions are 2500-2999 and a 68-71% passing accuracy.  I think he'll be much better at his progressions than years past.  And less over throws too.  Tom Herman and Whitfield have been working with Brax360 to become a more polished passer and run second.  I hope it comes to fruition bc if it does...look out B1G competition.

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That sounds good to me!  Looking forward to seeing a more efficient Offense this season.

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About 220 a game would suffice.

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Brax threw for just over 2000 last year, but he had 4 games where he didn't throw it more than 20 times. I think that will change this year. When you figure in more passing plays called, less QB runs, better scrambling (keeps plays alive, allows guys to get open downfield), more confidence in himself, more uptempo play calling (will lead to some easier completions/yards) and a more seasoned WR corp, I'd be disappointed if Brax isnt right around 3000 yards through the air.
I'll say he falls just short at 2,900.


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I voted 3000-3499 because that is really what I am hoping for.  Not because of the overall numbers, but because the more yards throwing means the less numbers of carries IMO.  I know Braxton is a major threat running but I really think he needs to cut his carries way down. 
I think if he can get more efficient in the short passing plays it would really cut down on his carries.  He has more play makers now and should take some of the pressure on him.  I really don't want to see 27 carry games anymore unless it's the National Championship game.
I know a lot of people question his durability but he carried the ball 227 times last year.  That is 42 more times than Hyde .  I understand his legs are a big part of his game and I am not saying to keep him from running.  I think we have enough skilled players now that he should be able to take less hits and not be 80 percent of the offense.

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Does "2013" include the B1G Championship Game and the bowl game?  12 games v.s. 14 games makes a big difference.

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I think he can average right around 240-250 passing yards/game. 

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Another good poll question would be: How many rushing yards will Braxton have this season?
I'd say his yardage total will come down, but I think his ypc will go up.


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I just hope his teaching to be a better passer doesn't confuse him on when to run. I remember Troy hesitating between when to run and pass when he was being molded into a better passer and it set him back a little. If Braxton can manage that, I see his numbers jumping significantly. 

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I agree with what you're saying but don't forget about Mr Tom Herman.   He will not allow such things.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Confident in the 2.5+, sky is the limit though.  3.5K total offense should be well within his reach.  Breaking his own record (and the vacated one of TP's)

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Gonna be tough to amass 2500+ passing yards when we keep getting the ball...AT OUR OPPONENT'S 30!  AMIRITE, DEFENSE?!?!

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I went with 4000+.It's likely to be closer to the distance between earth and pluto. Why didn't I go with the distance of Earth and Alpha Centauri? Pffft I'm not a homer.

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I think Braxton can get a little above 3,000.  You figure playing 12 games, plus hopefully a B1G championship game as well as a bowl game.  He's got a good chance.  It just depends on if they get up big on some of the teams he may get pulled early. 

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The real question is if he's throwing well, how many rushing yards is he going to have?  If teams have to respect his passing game it's going to open up for some huge run gains.  Can't wait to see this offense in action!

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