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Which is the ideal time for The Game to be played?



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Put it Under the Lights!

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3:30 would be about the limit of my ability to wait for the game to start.  I couldn't imagine having to wait until 8:00, my ulcers would be having no part of that!

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Hell, my liver wouldn't be having any part of it.

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I say under the lights as well, although 3:30 would be OK.  Just curious as to the reasons why those who voted for a noon start.

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kegs and eggs leading into the game has become a tradition, so my logic for voting noon is that I want to remember actually seeing the game.

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Never eat eggs if your going to be drinking quality craft beers! With the way the yeast ferments in the stomach, combined with the sulfur in the eggs, well, it's explosive!



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Big games in college football should always be played under the lights, and as long as both teams are ranked (which will probably be an annual occurrence), we should see them kicking off under the lights.  I just don't understand the nostalgia for the noon kickoff--especially when the primetime slot has so ingratiated itself within the ranks of college football as the best way to leverage a hyped matchup.  Super Bowl I kicked off at 4:15 pm EST, and I see no one pining for that to go back to how it was first broadcast, and I personally loathe the 6:30 start that seems to be becoming the norm nowadays.
I mentioned this in another thread, but no sport can hype single games like college football.  The whole "Every Game Matters" mantra is part of the reason we so fervently tune in to the week's best matchups--not to mention the magic of seeing the sport's trademark pageantry on full display under the stadium lights.  I think that in a way, primetime game's actually enhance what makes college football such an amazing sport, and constantly lend an epic backdrop to the night's proceedings.  The Game is pretty epic as is, but under the lights it would reach a whole new level.
I'm not against noon kickoffs in general, but I generally believe that they should largely be reserved for snoozers against bad teams, better matchups at 3:30, and then the best of the best saved for that 8pm timeslot.  It's almost like the 12 and 3:30 games are the undercards for the big games of the night, and that underscores my issue with The Game at noon; it shouldn't ever be serving as an undercard to anything.  Granted, the matchup may not always be primetime-worthy, so depending upon various factors (one/both teams having a terrible year) The Game could possibly be pushed up to 3:30, but that's the earliest it should ever be played, and it should be a rare occasion when it is (but let's face it, with OSU and UM on an upward trajectory, this won't happen anytime soon).
Late games are an event, building hype to an 8pm crescendo before unfolding against the most dramatic of canvasses.  Hearing the Best Damn Band in the Land shatter the chilled November air to the tune of "Script Ohio", seeing the drum major touch his plume to the turf, and finally seeing our Buckeyes take to the field amidst the fervent screams of its faithful and the raucus energy of the band playing their fight song; The Game is in so many ways our Super Bowl, and though the B1G Championships and National Playoffs may sometimes be bigger wins, no game is as important as The Game.  I don't want that feeling to merely last until noon--it feels premature for a game of its stature--no, I want to spend the day reveling in its history, drinking with friends, pontificating about OSU's superiority in ways, making bets with my countless UM friends, and most of all, building my own anticipation to an absolute fever pitch.  The Game isn't the greatest rivalry in all of sports for no reason, let's give it the bloody respect it deserves.

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Gonna have to change the B1G rules first though, no night games in November.  And I also expect you to chip in on my ulcer meds too, since you want my health to deteriorate waiting for a later kickoff.

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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But isn't that half the fun?  Spending the entire day over-analyzing every single aspect of the game, drinking with your buddies, rationalizing our losing record to UM, watching HBO'sThe Rivalry, whipping up your favorite gameday spread to ensure that your well-stocked throughout the duration of The Game...I dunno, I love the whole experience surrounding the builduo to kickoff.  I don't mind merely waiting until noon to see us take our MACrificial lambs out to the woodshed, since there's probably other things that I want to get done that day; but big games are my day, and I want to spend my day reveling in the magic of the whole thing.
Also, I'm pretty sure that Delany said that there was no outright "rule" preventing November night games, it had just become the de facto norm.

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You make a compelling argument, and I see your point.  But if there's one thing that's almost as great as beating Michigan, it's celebrating the win afterwards.  That 3:30pm slot gives you enough time in the morning and afternoon for pregame rituals/food/drinks while allowing you ample time for round two afterwards to celebrate the huge win (or drown sorrows).  To me, 3:30pm is the sweet spot. 
I'm not going to buy into the better-for-recruiting argument that may float out there because that game doesn't need to be advertised.  I'd argue 3:30pm will get a better corner on the viewers instead of fighting for the prime time TV slot during rivalry week.
As I said in the Buckshot thread, I'm not going to get worked up one way or another.  I certainly don't have a problem with a primetime game at night.  Especially THE game.

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Don't you listen to the Dead Schembechlers, Hodge? We've never lost a game to TSUN.

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If its not a noon start then how do you propose I explain my 10am drinking?

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That's the wonder of time zones.  It's always noon somewhere!

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Just get a Rolex Explorer II and leave the time adjusted to Europe.
It's the gentleman's way of saying 'it's five o'clock somewhere'.


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For the Michigan game, I will be drinking at 10 AM regardless of what time it starts. Yes that includes an 8 PM kickoff.

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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I still like The Game to be played during the daylight hours, it's just that 12 noon is way early. 3:30 is my preference. Still daylight, but could finish with the lights at dusk. Still time to party afterwards for a while, and make it back to Toledo before midnight. ;)



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The history buff in me loves the idea of a showdown at high noon. Scarlet and Gray beating the hell out of the piss and blue in the bright mid day sunshine but in almost every other way I think the prime time slot is better. I don't care when we play it as long as we kick the hell out of ichigan.

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Bright mid day sunshine?  You mean late fall Midwest PERMACLOUD?

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Any time we beat the hell out of those people it is sunshine to me. I wouldn't care if it was the blizzard of 50.

Q: What is the difference between the Michigan Football Team and a bag of crap. A: The Bag.

andyb's picture many of you I was at the game in 06' #1 vs. #2 (greatest life experience to this point, although I'm only 28 and have no children)
that was a 3:30 start and to me that is the perfect, and I wish permanent time for the game. By the start of the 3rd quarter the lights were on and it could not have been a more perfect setting...those that wish for 8:00 PM don't forget that in November in Ohio or Michigan it gets dark at about 5:30.

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Was just thinking the same thing about the '06 game. A 3:30 start gives you a chance to tailgate, have a nice pregame meal, get a nice buzz going or what not, and by the start of the second half, the sun is probably almost set. It's kinda like a combination of a day game and a night game.
I'll never forget waking up at 6:00a.m. or so to get ready to go hang out around the College Gameday set. I don't why my friends and I were so pumped about going to see the show in person. We still argue over whose brilliant idea it was to go to it. We only got an 1-2 hours of sleep (to damn excited and a lot of over-analyzing, as Hodge stated, was done) and the show felt like it lasted 4 hours (probably because we were there from 7-ish until noon). Still, being at the Game that year is my greatest life experience as well.


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It's also not 60 degrees in late November every year like it was in 2006.

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I remember it being pretty damn cold when we left that night. not freezing but definitely in the 40's...Of course we were all still sweaty/drunk and couldn't care less being down on the field!

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I love tradition, especially when it comes to my beloved Buckeyes ... but put the game under the lights.
A game of this magnitude each year would be magical under the lights. 


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Worth the Wait!

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As people have stated earlier, the game in that picture was a 3:30 kickoff.  3:30PM is the ideal time for The Game.

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Seldom will I break with tradition when it comes to college football because I think tradition is what has made college football so much different and so much cooler than the NFL, College Hoops, or any other sport for that matter.
That being said, it should be played under the lights in primetime. I never felt daytime games were necessarily tradition. They were more of a necessity since most stadiums didn't have lights. The Game is a big deal. The environment - especially when played in Columbus - rivals anything the SEC has to offer, and the B1G should showcase that by putting The Game in primetime so all the world can see.

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Can we forward these results to the OSU Athletic Department?

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I personally enjoy the noon game. I've been getting up by 6am at the latest the day of The Game to have breakfast (beer) ever since freshmen year of college. Just like all the Saturdays in the fall, this one is really special, and no part of the day should be wasted sleeping in late because a game starts later. I would rather be in The 'shoe than anywhere else to watch, and during the late days in November it's close to freezing or below, and during the night, it's even colder. All the fans who stand or sit in AA or Columbus for that game suffer enough having to be in one spot, even if you dress warmly.
I think the best part of noon games are afterward. We get to celebrate beating TTUN all day and all night, and it is so much less stressful to worry about how The Game will turn out knowing it already happened.
Moving onward, it doesn't sound like too many noon games will be in The Game's future. But I'm ok with that because I was happy to get up early to celebrate one of the greatest rivalries in athletics. It's going to be fun either way in my book

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Why am I thinking this whole noon tradition isn't as traditional as everyone else seems to think? 3:30 or prime time, please.

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My money is on 3:30 because picture this. The game starts while the sun is out. For the first half a game of cat and mouse is played as both teams probe each other's weakness. A few points are scored. Then comes halftime. The sun sets as The Best Damn Band in the Land has a mindblowing performance. As the performance comes to a close darkness sweeps across the shoe. Then suddenly a loud clack and an electrical hum is heard as the lights come on in the stadium. Suddenly energy that's never been felt before circulates the stadium. The rejuvenated Buckeyes blow out Michigan 80-3 in a game that will forever remain as one of OSU's best victories.

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noon=not enough time to tailgate
primetime=too much time to tailgate

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I'm impatient.  Get it started early.

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Screw it!  They should play The Game at Noon, again at 3:30 then again at 8 PM!  That way we get to kick the crap out of the Team up North 3 times that day!  And eveyone gets to drink all of the beer and bring food inside the stadium.  Well, if we are going to dream, we might as well dream big!
Go Bucks!

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I actually would go for a write-in vote. The Penn State-OSU game this year kicked off at 5:30, and I thought that was the ideal time. Kickoff came right around dusk, and by halftime, it was nighttime. Thought it struck a good balance between the hype surrounding the whole day, the buildup, the drinking, etc. but didn't drag on too long. Maybe it's because I'm an old man before my time, but after a full day of hard tailgating, jumping around and yelling, I'm pretty beat by 11:30pm. If the game's still going on at that point, it's a little too late for me. Think the 5:30 slot should be used a little more. 

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I don't care. Put the thing on at 4 AM and I will be there cheering the Bucks on.

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