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Which 2014 quarterback recruit are you most excited about?



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I voted for other because I can't decide.
As an aside it's nice to see Urban taking notes from Woody and going for 3!

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I like Brandon Harris from a dual threat, potential standpoint, and I like Kyle Allen from a pure QB & guy who could be ready right away standpoint. 

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None of the above. 

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Ouch, don't like any of the offered QBs? Is there something about them you don't like or is there just another QB you felt was more deserving?

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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Zach Darlington looks like Tebow Pt. 2 in his film except he can clearly sling the ball - I only got through half of his tape and I didn't see a WR have to slow down for a ball in stride and more importantly he was throwing guys open and hitting guys in tight windows. 
He's immediately my #1 right now. He would be dynamic in Urban/Herman's offense.

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Look again, guys do have to slow up for his long ball at times.  He's still pretty good though.

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Agreed Crimson, he definitely has room to get better and as a coaches son, he definitely will and that's the scary/exciting part. His upside with Urban could make him another potential Heisman candidate, especially with the athletes and playmakers we are recruiting.

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Other...Braxton Miller's clone.

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Talk about neck and neck between these 3 guys.

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Darlington just seems like the total package. He can throw, run, he's very smart(4.0 I think), and he's a leader. What else do you want?

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Darlington has a 3.3.  The 4.0 belongs to Kyle Allen.

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Thank you. That my bad I knew one of the guys had a 4.0 I just though it was Darlington!

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This is one of the most incredible polls

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I'd say Darlington looks like best "dual threat" in terms of passing and running ability. Harris looks pretty unpolished in his mechanics and would probably need a lot of work in the passing game. Allen certainly looks like the least mobile of them all, by far.

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I would agree that Darlington and Harris are better runners, but I think of Allen as the most mobile; it looks like he always buys enough time to get the throw off.

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I gave my vote to Darlington for a few reasons.  I said this in another thread too.
1.)  He has the ability the throw the ball and run (been clocked at a 4.4 40) too.
2.)  He plays against some of the best competition in FL from what I've read.
3.)  He's a coach's kid so obviously he has a great background and pedigree.
PLEASE...  I know Urban told Darlington that he reminded him of Tebow, but this kid already looks more polished than Tebow and is obviously faster with the 4.4 time.  Can we stop making the comparison?  I like Tebow as a person, I know he won 2 national titles, he won a heisman, but I don't want every QB coming into OSU for the next 10-15 years feeling like they have to live up to Tebow.  Not trying to be a hater at all, but I'd prefer our QB's make a name for themselves.

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Honestly, his tape reminds me more of Manziel than Tebow.

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I think Kyle Allen will bring more big time WR recruits in to the fold. 

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Where the heck are all the ace quarterbacks coming from? For the longest time it seemed like the only worthwhile qbs were watson and Barker. Now we have 3 new potential studs?

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AZ, FL, and LA.

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I know some are worried about Kyle Allen's lack of dual threat ability, but he could be an Aaron Rodgers type QB in the college game.  Rodgers is very fleet footed and throws incredibly well on the run.  It appears Kyle Allen is in the same mold.  In his film, he makes some great throws while on the run, and I think that could be absolutely deadly in our offense.  That's why my vote was for Kyle Allen.

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I voted for Zach Darlington. I think he has great moves and a strong arm. He looks very fluid while running. Most of all, he reminds me of Zach Darlington. 

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So, earlier today I decided to vote for Kyle Allen even though I hadn't seen any highlights of Zach Darlington...I am so glad that for whatever reason my vote didn't register, because after watching his highlights I SO voted for Darlington. He looks like the real deal, I especially liked the play where he dropped his mouthgaurd while in the shotgun, calmly picked it up, put it back in his mouth, took the snap and then proceeded to run 30 yards for a TD...I would definitely like to see him wear the Scarlet and Gray.