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If you had to pick a favorite Ohio State football player from the 90s, who would it be?



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(do not say all of the above)

How rude.
1. Eddie
2. Pace
3. Katzenmoyer
4. Boston
5. Glenn

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All of them are great.  I had to go with Eddie through as my #1. 

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Winfield defies Father Time, but Raymont Harris can still lace 'em up too.

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Great Buckeyes all, but have to go with the Heisman winner. He epitomizes what it means to be a Buckeye.



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David Boston  after that fight with Woodson how could he not be a favorite

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Upvote, if I could. That said, I picked Winfield. It's easy to pick an offensive guy, I think, but it was a joy (and still is) to watch the undersized fella beast on people.

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David Boston....dude is my favorite Ohio State player of all time

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Ken-Yon Rambo

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Orlando Pace.  Most dominant player in CFB when he played.

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My vote as well. As an O-lineman playing in high school in the 90's, he was my idol.

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Either Andy Katzenmoyer or Michael Wiley...loved watching those guys play in my formative years as a buckeye fan

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I grew up in the 90s, and for whatever reason I always had rooted hard for Pepe Pearson. I remember my dad bought me his jersey for my birthday when I was little. He didn't have the numbers these others guys did, but he contributed a lot.

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Eddie George is the reason all my video game create-a-players wear #27

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All were great and all of them are somewhere in my jersey collection hanging in my Buckeyes room. 
But I was a lineman ... Orlando Pace was my hero ... all #1 but he's at the top for me.


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while eddie had the flash and the stats orlando Pace was truly dominating at his position. honestly name the last Offensive lineman who was in the Heisman race

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My favorite players are usually receivers, so I have to go Boston. But Big Daddy is also up there for me.

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Orlando Pace

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Bobby Hoying.
Edit:  Eddie George is my favorite, but I thought Bobby should be in the argument too.

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Mike Doss...dude straight killed people in the secondary

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I think Doss would have only been a freshman in 1999.  Not sure how much of an impact player he was in that one year.

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David Boston was my favorite player growing up. Eddie would probably be my favorite looking back.

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Shawn Springs

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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Yes, yes, yes.

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Eddie, as it says on my profile.
But where is Rob Kelly???  Does anyone remember that guy?  He was an animal.
And as Nappy just posted, it's hard to leave #24 off that list.

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Rob Kelly was a boss

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Eddie was fun to cheer for, and Winfield dominated games quite often....but I probably got the most enjoyment and laughter out of watching Orlando maul and destroy the poor souls selected to line up across from him.  Pacecakes FTW!

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Bid Daddy Dan Wilkinson (especially since I know him now) with Eddie George close behind.

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To many to choose from!!! I have to go with Andy Katzenmoyer as we were there during the same time frame. I never believed one could as a  Freshman Middle LB make such an impact! His instincts, size and speed were exceptional, even at age 18! I always wished he had had a better professional career. We use to sit around in the dorms watching those teams and it was more exciting to watch the defense then the offense at the time... and the offense was scoring at will in those days! So many playmakers and big hits on defense it was fun to watch!

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Luke Fickell was my favorite 90's Buckeye.

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Donnie Nickey was one of my favorites but that is early 2000's

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Joe Germaine was my favorite of that bunch.  If he would have been the starter from the beginning he would have put up silly numbers in the passing game.  Dude was cooler than a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce.

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I'm 43 and have attended games since the mid-70's. Joe Germaine was the first tOSU QB that never made me nervous when he dropped back to pass. He never seemed rattled.

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What is my teams need? I think for pure excitement I'd take Eddie but ultimately it depends upon the need of my team so I chose other.

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Obviously, I have a different perspective, but my first thought was Katzenmoyer.  I think George and Pace got much more recognition (deservedly so), but Katzenmoyer was a beast.
I actually don't mind any of those guys on the list.  I don't remember anything specifically about Winfield, off the field, but the others (for sure) were all class acts.
...Now David Boston is another story.

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Matt Freaking Keller

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My Favorite Player from the 90's has to be Rob Kelly one of the most underrated players in the last 20 years.

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David Boston!!

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Winfield was the best all around CB I have ever seen, and probably always will be.  Football Player!

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Big kat in a landslide for me. I did however give about 30 upvotes in this thread for so many great players and arguments for. If I fantasy drafted an all buckeye team about 90% of my team would be from this decade.

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My favorite player was Bobby Hoying....
I'm not sure the exact relationship but I think he is my Uncles Cousin.


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going off the beaten path...damon moore and his monster hits

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I feel bad for Steve Tovar. It isn't often a guy can be a 2x All-American and be as overlooked as him. He deserves some love on here.

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Surprisingly not as close as one would think. Eddie George was the name I was thinking before I reached the answers. He is the reason. That's it, just the reason!

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Dan "big daddy" Wilkenson

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This was a tough one, Eddie has always been my favorite but I went with Joe. 1997 Rose Bowl, the drive to win and beat Jake the snake Plummer, what a game! It was favorite until 2002. At any rate Joe may have been a skinny qb but dude could take a hit and was so cool under pressure....I always think what if Cooper would have started Joe over Stanley Jackson, Joe was and is the man! Sorry Eddie I love you man but I had to root for the underdog.

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