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Do you have a second Big Ten team that you root for (even if you struggle to admit it)?



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I can click no until July 1, 2014. Living in Northern VA, about a half hour from UMD, I have come to like the Terps. I'm also trying to get a job in their athletic dept when I graduate this December.

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I enjoy watching That Team Up North lose.  I even like to reminisce about some of those handed out by others...

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I like to see Northwestern do well. I'm not ashamed to admit it. 

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I agree. Fitzgerald is awesome.

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Yeah, I totally root for Northwestern (and Vandy and Stanford) on the side. I have the utmost respect for the nerds who are bringing the noise in football and basketball. Eff Duke, though.

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Whenever possible, I like to root for Purdue. A couple reasons why:

1. My mother went there.

2. They're an underdog within the conference (read: usually harmless), and have to fight harder for all the success they get

The second reason is similarly why people tend to have a soft spot for Northwestern, which is probably the most popular 2nd team in the conference. Plus Purdue is usually harmless... except for that, and that, and that, and that.

Alright, the rooting is getting a little strained.

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Not a B1G team, Never!
Okay, I kinda do root for Northwestern sometimes, and anytime Indiana is hanging in there with TSUN, Penn State, or Wisky then I root for Indiana to pull out the win. And I like Nebraska some.
But all that is kinda, sorta, sometimes, and in certain circumstances.
The only non-Bucks football team I root for is Arizona, since both my parents graduated from there. That became mildly ironic, if something can be mildly ironic, when Richrod left TSUN.

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Nebraska.  Such a great fan base.  They're pretty much the anti-Wisconsin in every way.  
Also Northwestern, more so in basketball, they are always a class act.  

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Agreed. I cheer for Nebraska whenever I can.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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I don't really cheer for the Husker's, but because their fanbase is so different from most other fanbases(in a good way), and because of the tradition they bring to the B1G, I like to see them do well.  Let's put it that way.
And Larry the Cable Guy's a fan of the Huskers, so there's that.
Oh. And whoever's playing TTUN. Like them also.



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Oh, man. That Git-R-Done bit is excellent. I love how he glorifies being a dumba$$. Go Huskers!

For real though, Nebraska in the 90s were a straight up machine and so easy to love from afar.

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I will usually root against Michigan because, well, wolverine tears.  The exception is when um plays ND, in which case I root against both teams. So I guess technically I don't root FOR other teams. I root AGAINST Michigan. 

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With Northwestern being a small private school surrounded by big public universities I've always had a soft spot for them. I will pull for them in every game except when they play us. However, Fitz has done a great job up there, so I'm not sure they are still deserving of the perenial underdog status (they may be the second hardest game on the schedule this year).
On the other hand, I am marrying into a family of Penn State fans, and although they don't share the delusion that marks the average PSU fan, I haven't found myself able to pull for the Lions still (although I put on a good face when I am around them).

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I root for Northwestern and I have no issues admitting it.  I make the trip everytime OSU plays up there and I have an incredible weekend every single time.  A lot of great people and a great school.  As far as football is concerned, Coach Fitz is a class act and he runs a clean program.  When I was considering MBA options, I strongly considered moving to Chicago and attending NU, but I decided to stay in Ohio.  Going to a game at Ryan Field actually feels like an authentic amateur college football experience (which is something that's getting more and more rare as the  'made for TV' theme of college athletics progresses).

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Even though I have been a grad student at Illinois for three years now, I still find it hard to root for them.  I like John Groce to do well, but that's about it.

Columbus to Pasadena: 35 hours.  We're on a road trip through the desert looking for strippers and cocaine... and Rose Bowl wins!

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My fiancée went to Illinois, so if they're not playing the Buckeyes, I'll root for them.

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The second OSU game I ever went to was in 2005 when we beat Illinois 40-2 my senior year of high school, before I moved into good old Taylor Tower as a freshman. 

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I root for other conference teams when they play ttun and in bowl games (despite knowing that Wisky would somehow manage to lose).  Never for ttun (except on one occasion)

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I'll root for Nebraska when they're not playing OSU. At that point they're the enemy, but outside of that, I'm a Huskers fan. I know a handful of people who go/went there, particularly Tim Marlowe who was their return man and a reserve WR the last few years.

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I've lived in Maryland since '00, rooted for them when they won the NC in hoops (beating Indiana) and on football when Friedgen was there.

My friends and neighbors are now on notice though.

'Brasky was great to watch in the mid nineties, when they were destroying the Florida schools. Still say they would have housed TTUN in '97.

Spent time as a kid in Pennsylvania in the 80's, didn't mind Penn State when they upset The U (nice pass Vinny Testaverde). Then they joined the B1G, and bitchslapped us in '94.

I suppose I can root for the others in the spirit of conference solidarity.

Except those schools ending in nois, consin and ichigan. Can't (won't) do it.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Sparty (in conference), because Sparty going to Spart.
Louisville (out of conference), because grew up/brother played there.
Washington, because everyone else in the PAC-12 annoys me.

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I like to see Nebraska do well only because their fans are nice people and haven't given me any problems.

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I have always enjoyed Northwestern. I love Chicago and have always kind of looked at them as a kid brother type school. I really would like to see Fitzgerald continue his success there and turn it into a Stanford type school in the midwest. 

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Northwestern because Fitzgerald is a class act and wins with less.

I'm a friend of thunder is it any wonder lightning strikes me

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Yep... me too, Captain Obvious. Northwestern.  
In related news, that night game at their place scares the crap out of me (i.e. 2004, last year at IU). 

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I'll be the odd ball and admit as much as I hate Wisconsin, I root for them as well. I envy them in several ways but I've found that a majority of their fans aren't too bad, love their traditions and atmosphere. Now that Bret is gone, rooting for them won't be so hard under Andersen as long as they aren't playing OSU! 
I do pull for Gophers from time to time as well....

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I said yes because I find myself rooting for just about every B1G team in non-conference play and during the bowl season.  That and Ohio State looks better when they beat teams that have beat teams. 
Like others I do have a soft spot for the Fighting Pat Fitzgeralds and at times Purdue. 

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I generally root for Michigan State.  I don't have a good reason, I just want them to win with the obvious yearly exception.

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I agree. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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I was going to say the exact same thing.

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I root for Sparty too.  Its stupid how TTUN fans still look down their noses with that "Little Brother" crap especially when Sparty has won 4 of the last 5 in football.
And I like Izzo.  (NOT a Magic Johnson fan though)
I am also a big believer in "the enemy of my enemy.." thing.  Which is why I always rooted for Nebraska in that I despise Oklahoma.   Now I'm showing my age.  :(

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I have no idea why, but since Kevin Wilson has been in at Indiana I have been sort of pulling for them to become the dark horse of the B1G (except for when we pound them into submission).

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I grew up every since I was little rooting for Penn State as my second big ten team although I never rooted for them when they played OSU. I moved to PA for grad school (before JoePa scandle) and realized what a-holes the Penn State fan base is. I've hated them ever since. I will however route for (not die-hard) Big Ten teams in the bowl games and when they're playing their non conference schedule.

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Growing up in PA, I fully embraced Penn State, even joining in the "We Are, Penn State" chants on the bus (as an impressionable 2nd grader; give me a break).  And I still love going out there for a game from a scenery perspective, but obviously that has dissipated.  Adding Nebraska dovetailed nicely with Penn States fall from grace. They're my #2 now. 

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Nebraska is my 2nd favorite college football team. I respect their tradition, their fans, and lots of their former players. I love their stadium a lot, I think its very neat and I've payed close attention to their expansion process. I guess that area of the country just appeals to me, something about it feels very real and simple. If I was ever an elite college football recruit, I would be waiting for an Ohio State and Nebraska offer. Then I would choose Ohio State over Nebraska in the UA game. Haha. But I think they need to get a better coach, Pelini doesn't have them were I want to see them. I root for them until they play my home team, then I wanna see us put 70 on em.

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I've always had a soft spot for Sparty. With how they always played second fiddle to scum. Its just nice to watch little brother knock TSUN off their self appointed pedestal. Also during the Bert Bielma years at Wisconsin it was easy to pull for Sparty. Now I am starting to root for the Huskers. I think adding them to the B1G was an absolute homerun. Amazing fans, stellar history, great tradition. I look forward to OSU playing them in the B1G championship game for many years to come.

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Northwestern for me, too, because they're classy, win with coaching and smarts, and because they're a fantastic academic institution.

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It seems as though quite a few Buckeye fans like to pull for Northwestern (when they're not playing the Buckeyes of course!). I too am one of those. Northwestern really did it for me when I watched them play Auburn in the 2010 Outback bowl. The way they were able to fight back in the second half and nearly pull off the win in overtime! I'm glad they were able to finally get the coveted bowl victory they've been seeking this year. It's also why I'm going to the game in Evanston this year! With the changes in the conference, who knows when they'll play each other again!

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I remember that game, it was a good one.

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Minnesota.  They never harm anyone.

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I love me some Gophers too. They just got a QB from SEC country, Braylon Edwards little brother and a 4* RB. Things are trending up for the gophers and I'm hoping they do a lot better than they have in the past. I really hope they win the Axe this year, just so my UW friends have the biggest meltdown ever. Minnesota isn't just a hockey school....

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Purdue:  A few reasons.  I work with a large group of Notre Dame football/ IU basketball bandwagon fans. I also work with some Purdue guys and have more respect for them sticking with their teams. Also as mentioned before, Purdue has to earn it, they struggle to recruit at times and have to fight through a lot of adversity to obtain a winnning record. 
I also root fot Nebraska to become what they once were so that our conference gets better.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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I unfortunately root for Penn State because my dad and almost his entire side of the family grew up around there and went to school there. I was brainwashed for a while into rooting for them as a little kid. So I have a soft spot for them and I feel like those players have sorta been given the shaft by the NCAA so I feel for them and the coaches

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Minnesotta; ever since I went to Camp Miller there years ago, I've always had a soft spot for them.

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like others, i don't mind seeing Northwestern do well - they really don't belong in the Big10 (athletically), but they work their asses off to compete and its always fun to watch them play spoiler to whatever unsuspecting bastards don't prepare for or try hard enough against them. 
and, of course, Sparty.  I lived up in metro Detroit for 6 or 7 years and honestly they've become my solid 2nd team.  the fanbase is just great - they're not a bunch of pretentious stuck up pricks like those other dickwads from up north, and they just don't take themselves that seriously.  if there's another game i'm gonna watch all football season, it'll be Sparty v ND just because its a great show guaranteed.  there isn't a basketball coach in the game i respect more than izzo, too. 
all in all, Sparty really isn't that different than we are.  can't we all just get along? lol

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The hapless Hoosiers. They remind me of the last kid picked for dodge ball, in gym class. Who is then immediately smacked in the face by the first thrown ball. How can you not show a little support to "that guy'".

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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LOL on the dodge ball comment, but if that's a basketballl.....well how hard is it to dislike Crean?

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I have liked Northwestern for a number of years now, most of which have been outlined in previous comments: academic programs/standing, location on the lake, Fitzgerald, the basketball team's NCAA near misses, Underdog meets the Little Engine That Could.

Now, my wife has adopted Michigan State as her 2nd team because of the aggressiveness of their defense over the past few years. Then she picked the exact same school as a 2nd team in basketball for the exact same reason. When she asked me if she could watch that 2011 Wisconsin at Michigan State regular season football game without me or if I wanted her to wait on me to get home from going out with friends, I knew I had married the right girl!

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I will never root for Wisky,Scum or Penn State in a National championship. Ohio State fans are not like Tenn Vols. fans. They root for bama  to win championship game. then they don't understand  why great recruits pick bama over Tenn.

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I root for other big ten teams only when they play meatchicken, and i root for all big ten teams in bowl games, except for meatchicken. I never root for meatchicken.

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These are immortal words. I'm a third generation Michiscum despiser and I must say, this post brought out a little emotion. Greatest rivalry ever described in simple terms. Well played.

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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I'll second you, @Buckeyestu.  
I do like Dantonio to a certain degree, only due to his history coaching for Ohio State.  I like MSU's hard-nose style of football as well.  

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Primarily for basketball, but I always root for Michigan State when not playing the bucks. I like the hard nosed physical play. They just seem to always have a plan.
As for football I always think, eh they are Michigan State what are they going to do. Harmless!

Roll with it.

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Always had a soft spot for Maryland (not sure when t began), but no way I root for them over the Bucks.

"...but then again 'Michigan' and 'huge mistake' are synonymous so that shouldn't have been much of a surprise to anybody."  - Mark Titus

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I have a few "alternative" schools mostly having to do with family relationships, but none of them are in even indirect competition with Ohio State, so I don't have to worry about divided loyalties.
I went to high school not far away from Maryland, but I never really liked the Terps back then because Lefty Driesell was such a dork. Still, it's going to be strange thinking of so many of my old friends and acquaintances as "conference rivals" now.

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Michigan.  I want them undefeated when we beat them.  Admittedly, this does not take recruiting into consideration, but I would prefer to have us finish 1-2, after we beat Notre Dame in the final bowl game.  Go Midwest, go B1G.

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I like to see Northwestern do well.  If I ever played college football and didnt get an offer from OSU, fitzgerald would be a coach I think I'd love to play for!

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I root for all B1G teams each week, so that when tOSU plays them, they have the best record when we play and beat them. We tOSU fans need a strong B1G!

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I've really enjoyed reading through everyone's thoughts. Unfortunately, as hard as I may try, all I can think of when thinking of our B10 brethren is heart breaking losses that they have inflicted upon our beloved Buckeyes. Even Northwestern brings forth dry heaves and anger when I think of their players hooting and hollering while our hearts were ripped out in Ann Arbor.


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Living in Indianapolis, it's hard not to root for oft-hapless Purdue and Indiana in football.  Many of my coworkers are engineers from Purdue. But I have a huge Block O in my office to remind them all who their daddy is. 

The Ohio State University Class of 2001

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Anyone on M*chigan's schedule.

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IU grad, plus they never beat anyone, so they're harmless to pull for when not playing the Bucks.

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I root for Northwestern because Fitzgerald is awesome, and they're usually quite entertaining to watch (hence the "Cardiac Cats").
I have a bunch of friends that went to Penn State, but I really started cheering for them after the sanctions were handed down. The kids on the team did not deserve that. And - as a fan of Bill Belichick's coaching and schemes - I like Bill O'brien a lot.

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Used to be purdue untill the started to beat us in football randomly. Now its Northwestern

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1.ohio state
wide gap
2. MSU
3. NW

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I admit I do root for MSU especially since Dantonio leads them and he played a huge part in the 2002 Buckeye defense.  Izzo is a class act as well. 
After that I pull for whoever is playing the team up north!